Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Haul: MAC Cosmetics

 Just when I told myself I won't be posting another haul anytime soon, I just can't help it. I have a folder full of photos to share. Hehe. Today's another special haul 'coz it's my first ever from MAC. Though I own a few items from them, those were gifts given to me. This time, it's from my own purchase (using again of course my hard-earned cash).
If you haven't seen my latest high end makeup haul, click here.

But see this? Wouldn't you feel giddy holding and seeing this bag full of makeup? I bet all you makeup junkies like me agree too. I just feel lucky that I do freelance makeup so I don't have to feel guilty about my purchases. (Lucky excuse) Hahaha!
Glamour Daze collection pouch I got for free
Truth is, this purchase wasn't planned the way I wanted it to happen. I was supposed to purchase a 2nd batch of high end products at Make Up Pro (sometime mid-December) for my wedding gigs last December but it was unfortunate that when I arrived at the store in Makati, they were already closed. And the best bet I could do to get my hands on some basic essentials is to go to MOA. And so I went, thus this haul.
Peek in with me and read more to see what products I purchased for my kit...

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC42 - Php 1,900
I've done research of all these products before I actually went to purchase them finally. Pro Longwear is something that's been raved by a lot of Pro MUAs and I too am loving it at the moment, especially mixing this with my fave Encara BB Cream. NC42 is a tad darker than my skin tone.

This was recommended to me by the SA but I've heard so much about this shade from Youtube that made me decide to pick it up. One of MAC's best selling blush shades...
MAC Powder Blush in Melba - Php 1,300

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 - Php 1,000
This one's a good full-coverage concealer that does the job well. I'm just not sure if this one's to blame for some slight under-eye creasing or settling into fine lines. I'm yet to road test this one further.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC25 - Php 1,700
This powder is a basic kit essential for its fine full-coverage and pure awesomeness. 'Nuff said!

Had I arrived earlier at the MUP store, I would've bought more items with my budget because their prices there are much much lower compared to the MAC outlets here, which are honestly overpriced, I believe. It's definitely an unforgettable lesson. But having the experience to actually test out each product and shade and identify which ones I really need was amazing. That was still something priceless. Plus, the SA guy who assisted me was actually very helpful.
So there, hope you liked this short post as much as I did writing it.

Would you want me to review any of these? Do you own any MAC products and do you love them? Share 'em to me at the comments section below. See you all in my next post!

P.S. That same night, I had more makeup purchases @MOA so you know what to expect soon...hehe! ;)

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  1. At least you have an excuse for buying these things. Me? I don't do freelance makeup yet I hoard like there's no tomorrow. -__- I wanna buy their foundation but I'm kinda scared that I might have breakouts. Most of my relatives who tried out their foundation had blemishes afterwards. :( I wanna try the MUFE foundation you bought though :)

    1. you'll better try the Oro Gold. Because Oro Gold has a pure 24k mixed in any cosmetics that can protect from any skin deceased..

      Try it and see the differents

  2. This is my favorite limited edition set of MAC by far. May not be by a celebrity but it's amazing :)

  3. Why are you planning to stop writing haul posts? They’re fun! :D I hope you’ll change your mind as I am enjoying reading your haul posts ;)
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines

  4. Hi there! Please check out or Instagram: @makeupyourmindstore for high-end, branded cosmetics at more affordable prices. Thanks :-)

  5. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  6. These items are must have, especially if you are a makeup artist. I just remember Rea Pinpin, she has some of these items.


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