Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Encara BB Cream

The long wait is finally over! I know I owe this to everyone. I'm now giving my own in-depth review on the Encara BB Cream. [Warning: SUPER LONG BUT INFORMATIVE POST =') hehe]

Back when I first heard about BB Creams around the last quarter of 2009, from my sister - Ate Myra, I was very skeptic. I've always loved to try new products but when I first tried one, I wasn't very sure. I only started learning about Youtube's beauty community at that time and there were not much anything about it.

So a lot of my friends ask me, what really is a BB Cream?

BB means Blemish Balm. The BB Cream craze started around that time so since no one in YT was saying anything on it, I immediately going to Mr. Google to find out what it is. I learned that it was actually invented by a German doctor decades ago to help heal patients' skin who underwent laser procedures and surgeries.
It was popularized in South East Asia when Korean actresses started endorsing products formulated for the commercial market.

In early 2010, Ate Myra gave me a tub (yes a tub, like the ones used for hair wax treatments that you buy at Watson's, haha!) filled with a nude-yellowish liquid-y cream that looked like a liquid foundation. She said it was from a Korean manufacturer who asked her to distribute and market a new product called Encara BB Cream.
I've been road-testing this product ever since and at first, it was a love-hate relationship. But after a long time of using Encara, I am now completely in-LOVE with it. hehe!

Enough for the very long intro and let us get to the actual review. =)

product name: Encara BB Cream - Perfect Cover Blemish Balm (50g)
Manufactured by Woosin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (same manufacturer of the popular brand Skin Food)

Product Information:
  • Highly moisturizing. It prevents dry skin, making it soft and smooth.
  • Whitens skin. It contains whitening agent to lighten skin.
  • Conceals unwanted facial areas. It acts as concealer for dark spots, under eye circles, baggage, etc.
  • Make-up Foundation. It acts as a foundation by preparing the skin for makeup and creating a flawless finish.
Essential Features:
  • Sun Protection (SPF 20)
  • Pearl Extract, Ginseng Extract
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for dry or oily skin
  • Anti-aging and moisturizing effect
  • Sweat and water resistant

 This 50g Encara BB Cream has a matte-black tube packaging with a shiny brown screw-cap. It's boxed with a pretty metallic silver carton. Pretty! =)
 I love that the tube is upside-down. It is very easy to release the product when you're almost out since it's just flowing down. At first though, you need to be careful in pressing the tube. I've had a couple of spills when I so excitingly pressed hardly. Make sure to press the tube lightly. You only need a little amount, anyways.

A new and unopened tube is sealed to ensure freshness. =)

What I LOVE about it...
  • It's an all-in-one product: skin care, makeup, concealer, sun protection. 
  • I used to have very dry skin and through its highly moisturizing formula, my skin has improved and has now a more supple and fresh look and feel. This of course resulted from regular use.
  • I am not a fan of whitening products because I am in love with my morena skin. =)) But this product has given me a lightening glow of youthful fresh skin.
  • I am also acne-prone. I get those irritating zits when it's that time of the month. I noticed that with regular use of this product, those zits quickly heal. And the pimple marks? Gosh! The dark spots are all lightening. I wish I had not stopped using this last year when I was experimenting on my skin care regimen and testing out other brands.
  • I swear I super love using it for my under eyes. It acts as a highlighting concealer. My dark under eye circles instantly lighten up without actually looking like makeup. It is very lightweight and feels like your skin is fully hydrated. If only my dry and dark under eyes could speak, I know they'd thank me for it. haha! It's amazing yellow undertone helps correct the discoloration on my skin. It gives me enough coverage that makes me look awake and fresh even if I had not gotten any sleep.
  • Using it on the t-zone, and on the lips' cupid bow portion preps your skin for a highlight that gives off a dewy fresh look, not shiny.
  • Since it is also very blendable, I could have the privilege to mix it with a cream concealer or even a liquid or cream foundation to achieve a shade color that I need. I especially use this technique on clients.
  • One tube has lasted me for over a year. I only need a small amount to use for my whole face. After application, I let it sit for at least a minute and I use any powder to set it if I want a more matte look.
Now, let me share with you a hand-swatch of Encara BB Cream.
My right hand has an 18-y.o keloid. That's where I often swatch out cosmetic products at the mall. I immediately identify which foundation or concealer does the job in terms of coverage since I have this skin discoloration and so I learned to love it. Looking at the brighter side of things. hehe ;)
This is after lightly blending the product. You will notice it's yellow tone and it's shade is most certainly  far from my morena skin. But it's smooth texture allows me to blend it very easily. It has medium-full coverage and you could definitely build it up to your liking.
 See the difference? After fully blending the Encara BB Cream at the right half of my left hand, you could clearly see how my skin naturally smoother and  glowing without being shiny. This is just Encara BB Cream alone but you will notice that the half part of my scar where it was applied has lightened immediately.
The yellow-tone characteristic of this BB Cream helps the skin to hide imperfections without looking ashy or ghastly if you are to compare it with other brands. You only need to blend it lightly well and it will almost look like your own skin, especially if you give it a little time to set and let its nutrients sip in.You will also notice how the difference is subtle but the coverage is there.

What you should remember: 
  • BB Creams have SPF, thus giving off a white cast on photos. Although, for Encara BB Cream, I've experienced very minimal amount of white casts. I can be easily blended them off since I am fond of using matte bronzers. Plus, you need to remember that less is more. Make sure to start with a small amount to apply onto your face and build up if you feel like you need more. =)
  • When I want to use it as a concealer, I dot the area and "tap" it lightly. This allows the product to cover the area as well as heal it.
  • You may use your clean bare hands or a brush to apply it. For personal use, I prefer using my hands. I squeeze a small amount on my fingertips, then apply it on my under eyes, t-zone, cheeks, sides of my nose, chin and cheeks. I blend them well and extend onto my neck.
  • Encara BB Cream has only 1 shade. But you may mix it to any foundation of your choice. You may apply it beforehand to prep your skin or directly mix it with your foundation. I sometimes mix it with darker shades to perfectly match my more morena clients' skin tone.
  • It's finish on the skin is dewy and natural. If you are not into dewy type of face products, this may not be for you. But you can opt to use a matte powder to set it.
  • This product alone could last up to 4-6hours. Setting it with powder helps it to last longer. I both used loose or pressed powders, whatever is at hand.
  • This is actually a skin care product so it helps nourish your skin with it's ingredients.
  • It does have a scent - a clean, fresh scent of some sort. I am most of the time sensitive about scents but this never bothered me about Encara BB Cream. I actually like it.
  • BB Creams are widely used as makeup because of their coverage, but I suggest that you still wash them off before you go to sleep. You need to make sure to give your skin time to rest.
  • Those with oily skin-types could still benefit from this. Some of those who've tried it were worried at first. But with regular use, you will notice your skin feeling less greasy. Dry or oily, you will notice that your skin will look and feel healthier.

Where to get yours?
Price: Php 499.00 NOW on 50% OFF. Original price retails at Php 999.00
Visit my Facebook makeup page at Makeup by Aila Apolo.

I KNOW this is a very long post, but I really hope that this has been helpful to you. I've been working on this post for the longest time because I want it to be very detailed. If I still missed out on anything or if you have any other questions, feel free to write them on the comments section below. Thanks! =)


  1. Replies
    1. Define! haha! Super ilang weeks ko toh ginawa. =) Except sa photos... hehe! Thanks Ann for dropping by! =)

  2. Hi Aila, nice review! Spell check: queloid--it's supposed to be keloid. :)

    1. Hello Dermgal! =) Thank you so much! hehe..i never dared look up for the correct spelling. haha! Thanks. updated already. ;)

  3. doesn't the skin become flaky? Coz my skin is really dry then becomes extremely oily after..and I do have blemishes and acne scars, from your experience does it eventually fade?

    1. Hello Rizelle. =) To be honest with you, this has given me amazing skin care benefits. My boyfriend even told me the past weeks that my skin is now glowing. He noticed 'coz he said I used to have very dry skin. Hehe! What I do is that I use it as moisturizer and makeup base/foundation and let it sip into my skin for a few minutes. I build it up on areas where I feel I need more coverage like my under-eyes and some blemishes. I set it w/my fave powder which is the Fanny Serrano 2way powder. I've never experienced any flaking. My mom has oily skin, and she uses this everyday. She noticed that it also has helped her improve her skin to a more supple and healthier feel. You might worry to use it at first because this has a dewy finish, nothing a powder can help set, though. But with regular use ('coz we actually really use it at skincare+makeup base), you'll notice its benefits on your skin. Really hope that helps. ;)

  4. Hi there! How can I purchase this product? Id love to try this one =P Please send me an email as soon as you read this. FB is blocked in the office so I can't access your fb page =(

    1. Hi Kat! Sent you an email already. Thanks! =)

  5. Hi,Ms.Aila i just want to ask if magmamatch kaya ang Encara BB sa Pink undertone? coz base on what i read on the other blog this is only bb creams for Yellow undertones, :( i was willing to try but i was hesitate because baka it might fit to my skin at magdarken lang sya. Thanks for advice. God bless :)

    1. Hello! Sorry for the long overdue response. Yes this still works for people with pink undertones. It neutralizes the skin and still gives a glowing (but not shiny) effect to the skin. :)

  6. Hi,Ms.Aila i just want to ask if magmamatch kaya ang Encara BB sa Pink undertone? coz base on what i read on the other blog this is only bb creams for Yellow undertones, :( i was willing to try but i was hesitate because baka it might NOT fit to my skin at magdarken lang sya. Thanks for advice. God bless :)

  7. Ang ganda talaga ng Coverage ng Encara BB cream Ms.Aila! Wow that was a long but informative post ha?! Sana manalo ko sa giveaway mo! Hehe para matahimik na ako for wanting this bb cream! :)

  8. Hi! Does this have paraben?

  9. Hello po, how to order?=) 'Til when po yung 50% off?=)

    1. Hello! Please visit my FB page Makeup by Aila Apolo and send your order form there. You may refer to the How to Order album which is also uploaded in my page. 50% off will only be till supplies last. :)

  10. I AM INLOVE WITH BB CREAM!!! i wish we had that here in canada.. well, we do, but not this exact brand. maybeline, loreal and even estee lauder just dont work. my bestfriend gave me a tube when i visited the philippines, and i just loved loved loved it. im a big fan of "dewey look" and BB just gave me the finish i want. not oily.. just sexy. LOVE THIS LOVE THIS!!!

    1. Yayyy!!! Thank you bff!! Come home again and I'll gift this to you for Christmas! I'm sure you've ran out of your Encara na 'coz I gave that to you last year pa. Hehehe!

  11. hi,
    ms aila i've noticed there are 2 packaging of the encara bb cream. i've seen another one that is labeled as beblesh balm. may pinagkaiba po ba? or is it just the packaging? older or newer packaging?

  12. Hi. Am a 40 year old corporate junkie who, very recently, has decided to learn how to apply make up. Anyway to make the long story short, I was very convinced by your post and decided to purchase Encara BB cream myself. My question is this: "Is the 50% still available considering its 2014? i'm a sucker for sales. super thanks and more power!!!


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