Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bridal Makeover - Riza

Hello everyone! How's your Saturday going so far? I just got home from a long day's work. I went to an early morning wedding gig at Laguna then rushed back to Cavite to ship super lots of Encara BB Cream orders. Yay! Tiring (I'm referring to traveling and commuting. Hehe!) but super fun!

Today I got another privilege to do makeup for a bride. Let me just share with you a few photos I got chance to take.

Meet my very pretty bride for today, Riza. She trusted me enough and told me I can do any kind of makeup that I think would fit her. I gave her a fresh simple look since it is a morning wedding. I am so happy that she was very satisfied with my service.
She requested for  a half-updo for her hair. I also did some flower twists at the back. I forgot to take photos of the back view of the hairstyle I made. Again. Huhu.

Read more if you want to know what products I used for her makeup. =)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012 Haul

As promised, I'm back with a haul! The Cosmetologie 2012 happened last February 21-22. I actually did a separate blog post on the event itself where I got to meet lots of amazing people. If you haven't seen that yet, please CLICK HERE.

Read on as I take you to a closer look on each item that I got and the amazing deals that made me feel like I won the lotto. haha! Okay that was exaggerated but you know what I mean. ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012

NOTE: This is an extremely late post. I wrote the first 4 paragraphs at that eventful morning of  Feb.28 that changed my life forever. You may want to read the blog post HERE.
I know it has been more than 5 days since I was supposed to blog about this but I caught a cold and couldn't get up. I've been very sick and was just drinking orange juice to get back some vitamin C so I'd get better faster. Hurray!! I've always wished to come to a cosmetics fair and I finally did.
The Cosmetologie Fair is an annual event organized by the Philippine International Cosmetologists Association (PICSA) where industry professionals gather. Being a budding makeup artist myself, going to an event like this is very important, with hopes to gain new learnings, experience, exposure and of course, finding great makeup deals!!! 
Feb 22 - 2nd day of Cosmetologie 2012.That morning, I was with my mom and sister, Agold. It was also an Ash Wednesday so we decided to leave early to hear mass at the Baclaran Church. After the mass, mom had to leave us since she needed to attend a meeting somewhere in Manila. Agold and I then decided to walk around Baclaran first and then went straight to MOA. We arrived there around past 10am, ate our brunch and headed straight to SMX. =)
A lot of people were already lined up outside. There were kids with fantasy makeup already, ladies and gents with big luggage. I immediately assumed they were hairdressers and makeup artists. It's such a pleasant 1st time experience for me to attend something like this. I can tell that each person there are those that I share passion for cosmetology with. haha! *cheesy...

Let me just proceed sharing that day with a Photo Diary =)
So Warning: This is going to be picture-heavy. ;)

Entrance fee to enter the venue is Php100 each.
Ms. Georgina Desuasido of MakeuUp Designory - Manila doing a zombified special effects makeup.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello everyone! I'm back with another blog! This will just be a quick announcement post.
I have finally recently finished and posted my own in-depth review about the Encara BB Cream and you can read it HERE. I got a lot of positive feedbacks from all you guys through email and PM.
I know most of my blog followers today joined the Encara BB Cream Girl of the Week Giveaway that I sponsored for Noe of COLORismyweapon where we got over 600++ entries! And an ongoing giveaway with Emafe of PinkieRiceGurl also over Youtube. So, thank you all soooo much from the bottom of my loving and humbled heart!!! 

As you may also know, I am actually selling it on my Facebook Page at an amazing 50% OFF Savings. Original price of a 50g-tube retails at Php 999.00 but since we want to introduce it to you and give you an amazing deal, we're currently selling it for ONLY Php 499.00 =)
I am so fond of SALES 'coz I always think that it's the best time to purchase amazing goodies. You're getting the same quality products at a fraction of the cost. Who doesn't want to save on your favorite items at 50% OFF right?

And for the special announcement!!! Yay! Encara BB Cream can already be bought from a physical store. Good news for all you Manila-peeps out there! You can now get your own Encara BB Cream at the following stores:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Encara BB Cream

The long wait is finally over! I know I owe this to everyone. I'm now giving my own in-depth review on the Encara BB Cream. [Warning: SUPER LONG BUT INFORMATIVE POST =') hehe]

Back when I first heard about BB Creams around the last quarter of 2009, from my sister - Ate Myra, I was very skeptic. I've always loved to try new products but when I first tried one, I wasn't very sure. I only started learning about Youtube's beauty community at that time and there were not much anything about it.

So a lot of my friends ask me, what really is a BB Cream?

BB means Blemish Balm. The BB Cream craze started around that time so since no one in YT was saying anything on it, I immediately going to Mr. Google to find out what it is. I learned that it was actually invented by a German doctor decades ago to help heal patients' skin who underwent laser procedures and surgeries.
It was popularized in South East Asia when Korean actresses started endorsing products formulated for the commercial market.

In early 2010, Ate Myra gave me a tub (yes a tub, like the ones used for hair wax treatments that you buy at Watson's, haha!) filled with a nude-yellowish liquid-y cream that looked like a liquid foundation. She said it was from a Korean manufacturer who asked her to distribute and market a new product called Encara BB Cream.
I've been road-testing this product ever since and at first, it was a love-hate relationship. But after a long time of using Encara, I am now completely in-LOVE with it. hehe!

Enough for the very long intro and let us get to the actual review. =)

product name: Encara BB Cream - Perfect Cover Blemish Balm (50g)
Manufactured by Woosin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (same manufacturer of the popular brand Skin Food)

Product Information:
  • Highly moisturizing. It prevents dry skin, making it soft and smooth.
  • Whitens skin. It contains whitening agent to lighten skin.
  • Conceals unwanted facial areas. It acts as concealer for dark spots, under eye circles, baggage, etc.
  • Make-up Foundation. It acts as a foundation by preparing the skin for makeup and creating a flawless finish.
Essential Features:
  • Sun Protection (SPF 20)
  • Pearl Extract, Ginseng Extract
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for dry or oily skin
  • Anti-aging and moisturizing effect
  • Sweat and water resistant

 This 50g Encara BB Cream has a matte-black tube packaging with a shiny brown screw-cap. It's boxed with a pretty metallic silver carton. Pretty! =)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

"There's a rainbow always after the rain... " as the hit song Rainbow popularized by South Border goes. 
I could not believe that it has already been over 3 months since Dad left us. My family went through our darkest moments when we lost our father. I shared that story HERE. Through God's abundant grace and blessings, I can say that we are all moving on and living our lives again. I know for sure that Dad will be proud of us now, wherever he may be. We are now able to smile and live our lives back. We're all helping each other to be better and live better.

This year is the first Father's Day that we celebrated without Dad physically. My family went to the cemetery to celebrate it there in memory of him. We offered a glass of cold Coke that Dad used to crave a lot when he still lived. Since he was actually prohibited to drink sodas because he's diabetic, we'd just sometimes give him a small sip of soda or  a  little bite of some sweet desserts. Then, he'd exclaim, "Labis labis ang saraaap!" (Extremely deliciouuuus! =p )
Oh how I miss those special moments with Dad!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

NOTD: Animo Green and White

Just a quick blog post before I hit the sack. Today is Sunday, 17th of June 2012. It is the much awaited day of my fellow Lasallians. Today, as ONE LA SALLE, we will attempt to gather 25,000 people to form the Human Lasallian Star. This event will also mark the closing of De La Salle Philippines' Centennial Celebration and the opening of the Silver Jubilee Celebration. 
The proceeds of this historical event will benefit the One La Salle Scholarship Fund, which for years has helped provide top-quality-Lasallian-education to the poor-but-deserving students. I am a proud beneficiary of this program. =)
I still remember our first attempt last 2009. I was a senior in the university and it was such a spectacular event. Gosh! I'm just so excited for this event 'coz I know it will be an even bigger and brighter star! =)
While I can't sleep from excitement, I decided to do a simple nail art tutorial inspired by the Human Lasallian Star.

In the photo (from left to right): Sassy in Rainbow Glitter, Caronia in White Satin, Caronia in Colorless, Klik in Green Tea + a Lasallian Star I drew on a tissue paper using the green polish ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lovely Christian Wedding

I've already been to a number of weddings and every time I am in one, I can't help not to cry and be touched by all of the people's love filling the air. It doesn't matter what type of venue it be, as soon as I hear people expressing their sincerest love and being carefree, I immediately feel so ecstatic and emotional too.

Ate Phriti - my bride last May 26. (She is also my boyfriend's cousin.) We did a trial hair and makeup weeks before the actual wedding so we've already discussed what look she wanted. She requested for a natural-looking makeup and a neat updo. I don't know why but I forgot to take a photo of the hairstyle. *hush

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding on a Summer Sunshine

I promised to blog more makeup makeovers on clients and so today I share to you a bridal makeup I did just recently.
Meet my bride last April 30 - Ate April. She was my school mate in high school and we were even in the same course during college. I was so thrilled when she contacted me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding.
Since it was going to be a morning civil wedding, she requested for a natural-looking makeup. Before the special day, I even told her to send me photos of her pegs. She told me she likes Toni Gonzaga's usual fresh-looking makeup. Then she sent me photos of her hair pegs. She wanted to have a summery hair look with french braids on the front part. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bb. Lakambini 2012

That same Saturday when I did makeup for my bridesmaid clients which I blogged here. My friend, Jeno came over my house and asked me to help him with hair and makeup. He was joining a pageant and he needed to look like a glamorous drag queen. And so I willingly extended my helping hands...took out my brushes and started making his face my next art canvass. =)
 Makeup Makeover by Aila Apolo. Jeno was kind of worried at first. He told me that he was not confident because he didn't know how it would look like. It would be kind of his first time to do drag. I told him not to worry 'coz I assured him that he'd be glammed up! =)
I've been a fan of Petrilude from Youtube for so long and I learned a lot of my skills from him, especially in doing drag makeup. I don't see anything wrong in doing this. Having the confidence to do drag is just amazing. And so here's what I did on my friend. 

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