Monday, September 3, 2012

Amazing Divisoria and St.Francis Finds

Two weeks ago, I finally got to go back and visit Divisoria with my mom and sisters. Our main reason for going there was to purchase some fabrics for our dresses and gowns for my brother's wedding this coming weekend. But of course, I didn't miss the chance and picked up a few more things at amazing prices. hehe! Oh and I also included my haul for when I went to St. Francis Square a few days later.
 Amazing products and deals! Read on for more photos and prices... ♥ ♥ 

Let me start this with the things I got from Divisoria. =)

 2-toned fabric in royal blue. Black accent piece which was made into a belt... I designed my own dress which I'm wearing for my Kuya's wedding. I'm so excited to share it to everyone. :D

Blue-Green Open-back Peplum Dress from Get Laud!
PhP 690 - bought for PhP 650.
I've worn this already, with a couple of other things from this haul in this outfit post during my recent makeup workshop..
 Aztec platforms - PhP 580 - bought for PhP 500 
 Fitflop inspired studded sandals - PhP 150
Grey with leopard print ribbon detail flats - PhP 350.. bought for only PhP 250

 Chunky Teal Beads with gold and crystal accents - PhP 180 each

Bought these 3 different designs for PhP 120 each. :D
 Gold and Black Collar necklace
Black Nugget Beaded necklace
Yay for cutesy and pretty earrings =)
PhP 80 each.. bought for PhP 50 each.
 Head with Beaded Leaf Accent - PhP 180... bought for PhP 120.
I love this and I've been wearing it everyday since I bought it. Very few headbands fit me and survive my big hair without falling off. haha!

Natural but with more volume lashes..

 Oh and this is the star of this haul...wonderful naturally looking lashes! Gosh!

I thought I had a steal when I bought a couple of sets similar to this during the Cosmetologie 2012 event for PhP100/box but oh my... These gorgeous lashes were sold at Divisoria for PhP 60/ box of 10 pairs... I bought 6 boxes and got them for only PhP 50 per box! Such a steal! I was sooo giddy and excited! =))
 Longer and defined lashes..
Lovin' the wispy looking ends of this style... =)

And these are the things that I got from St. Francis Square...
Leopard Print on white big-sleeved shirt
Grey and Black big-sleeved shirt
Tri-colored half sleeve shirt
V-neck grey spandex shirt
Everything for PhP 180 each...
Orig price is PhP 220 ;)
And yes...more necklace! haha! Lovin' me some colorful bib necklaces...
Sold for PhP180 each and bought 3 different pieces for PhP120 each. =) 

Floral rubber candy bracelets...
Big pink one was priced at PhP65
Smaller ones were sold for PhP50 each..
Bought these 3 for only PhP 100! Yay! 
 Wooden bangles... ♥ ♥  Wooden bangles. PhP120 each..
Bought all 4 pieces, including this multi-colored one for PhP 90 each. ;)

I love everything about this haul. I know this looks a lot but yeah, this really is a lot. haha! I only shop for accessories, clothes and shoes once a year, especially when I go to Divisoria. And yes, you might have noticed it too... I love haggling. =))
That is why I love Divisoria. Have you been there already? You should!
Quick haggling tip: always ask about the "last price" and compromise. Convince them with your price offer and make sure to smile. :)
I hope you liked this as much as I do and you've gotten a few style inspirations too. :)
See you all in my next post! 


  1. Oh my gosh I envy you! I like all your stuff bought! And take note, the prices, you're so good! I hope I can go with you in Divisoria someday :D


    1. Hehehe! Thanks sis! Naku, I just always smile whenever haggling and try to give half of their selling price as my price offer and then we'd meet half-way. Para malaki bawas. haha!!!

  2. wow! I love the Aztec platforms! I'll definitely look for that once I visit Divisoria again. :P

    1. It sure is lovely! And oh my, it is actually very comfortable. It's the first platform I wore na hindi sumakit paa ko. Accdg to the sales lady, it is Marikina-made daw. So if it really is, we'd most likely find it there and for a cheaper price. hehe!

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! Thanks! I love 'em too! Plus they're super affordable... :)

  4. OMG! san sa divi nyo po nakita yung lashes? suesh sells those for 400php per box! I would like to get my hands on those... hehe the last time i went sa divi i didnt see those being sold, puro by pair lang...

    1. Naku I'm not sure which store exactly ehh.. basta nadaanan ko lang somewhere. hehe! Yeah... I've seen those from Suesh nga rin. Same packaging and I think same lashes rin talaga. I've seen them from some stores around Divi rin pero mga 100-150 ang usual. :D kaya i bought plenty na when I chanced upon those priced at 60...hehe!

  5. i love the aztec platforms and statement necklaces! i wish i could go to divi too as soon as possible! great haul :)

    1. Thanks sis! Grabe super plenty of things to find at Divi! Ang saya magshopping! =))


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