Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 1

And so it finally came. What came, you say? This day. I've had this blog for over a week yet never once did I dare to write a post till today. I have been wanting to have my own blog for the longest time but I never had the courage to do one up until last week.

Truthfully, I just feel like I am a coward. I don't know why and how but I feel that indeed I am. Although on the other hand, I also feel that being able to type now and even dare write a sentence with a complete thought, which may not necessarily mean anything or have sense, for me is fighting cowardice.

I am a college graduate with a degree that has supposedly taught me to write well, speak well and understand well. Yet, I am afraid to write. I have always thought that writing was my weakness and so the denial to put up my own blog though I've always wanted one.

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