Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Diary: Gorgeous Eye Shadows, Food Tripping, 5D Ride

The day after this post, Jay accompanied me to Makati to get my Macbook Pro checked up. I haven't opened it for weeks and I thought my charger was the problem. When we arrived at the Power MAC store at Greenbelt, the guy who checked my laptop and charger confirmed that the latter was really the problem. Ouch. Gastos! I didn't buy a new one yet since my Kuya JD adviced me that he'd help me buy one. Hehe! So, Jay and I just decided to stroll around the malls. =))

I've been meaning to go to Landmark for the longest time because I've read a lot of great things about the random makeup brushes they sell there and I wanted to check them out. Gaaah! I fell in love. I purchased 2 makeup brushes and a few other things but I'm showing that in my next post which is another haul. :D

For now, I'll just share with you a few photos of how the rest of my day went...

First time to spot these new babies! Have you seen these ones already? Gorgeous single eye shadows from Fanny Serrano. Highly pigmented. I couldn't resist and bought 2 shades. :)

Let me now first share a few photos of how the rest of that night went...hehe!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Diary: Alma Mater, Jay's New Haircut, Leg Wax, Food Tripping

 Last Wednesday, Jay came in straight from his weekly noontime radio program Sangguniang Bayan On-Air (station at Calamba, Laguna) so we could attend DLSU-D's Broadcast Journalism's Zest-O General Assembly. Jay and I have been together for almost 6 years and we met as officers of the BroadJourn Program Council back in college. I live just across the school so I often get the chance to visit but coming back to school with Jay was really very special. 
The freshmen students were warmly welcomed and fellow alumni came in to visit.
When we arrived at Mila's Diner, fellow alumni Cheryl Adame, aka Rica Hera of 101.1 YES FM was there entertaining everyone with her funny antics. She also shared how she became part of the well known radio station to get the new ones inspired. Other fellow program council members from the batch lower than mine were there.. Shout out to Alex and Karen of TV5. ;) We're all very proud of you girls!
Oh and I also met with my super close bestfriend/seatmate Mae who went with her longtime boyfriend Mark, huhu! I forgot to take a picture with her.
After the program, Jay and I decided to stroll around the campus and reminisce. Haha! The used-to-be-canteen is now a National Bookstore. Bongga!!
We also visited the post-production room/office of the MPR boys who were also very close to us back in the day. Such a fun day seeing old fellows. Brings back so much memories!
And coz Jay haven't had lunch yet, we went out to eat... Yummy student meal!
Read more to see more photos from that fun-filled day!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Camille Rogel Photos

I've recently done a shoot with my dear college friend Dustin and his workmate Camille. If you have not seen the behind the scenes photos plus the before and after shot pf Camille's transformation, make sure to check this blog post.

I just want to share with you some of our outputs from that shoot... 

Model: Camille Rogel
Image by: Dustin Carbonera
Location: Studio4104

More photos...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

E-Session: Marlies and JR

Marlies and JR got recently engaged last May. And to celebrate that wonderful event, they wanted to do a couple shoot, not yet a pre-nup shoot since the wedding will still be scheduled and not yet soon.

Marlies is a 20 year-old Filipina-German who was just so awesome to work with. I actually got stunned by her beauty the moment I saw her. She's got beautiful brown eyes and just a lovely face no one would just pass.

Like most of my clients, Marlies requested for a natural look. Having such beautiful brown eyes, I picked up more on the plum colors to emphasize it further.
Subtle glowing skin using Encara BB Cream, set with powder, coral blush and lips plus highlight and bronzer. =)
I just realized after the shoot that this beautiful woman looks like actress Bea Alonzo!! Don't you agree with me?? She's super pretty in person and of course in photos...
Read more to check out more of her and JR's photos from the shoot..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Makeup for Architect Kate's Oath-taking

I recently got the privilege to help Kate prep up for her Oath-taking as a new architect. Kate, who is my batchmate from DLSU-D's Performing Arts Group requested for a natural look and a side-part, messy hair updo. 
While I was doing Kate's makeup, I can't remember how many times I told her how beautiful her skin is. She does have a few dark spots but her actual skin is very nice, healthy and supple. :)
To learn what products I used on her,

Birthday Feast!

Just before I go back to my usual makeup posts, I wanted to share what feast my family prepared for me during my birthday. =)
I never thought I'd celebrate or whatnot but my lovely mom prepared a feast, my kuya shared some funds, my Ate brought some fun, chilled scramble, Jay brought a cake and I volunteered to prepare a cheesecake for the very first time. =)
 My sister preparing melon flavored shaved ice plus some sweet and fun toppings. It felt like a kiddie party! Hihihi!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Blueberry Strawberry Cheesecake

I do not only watch makeup tutorials in Youtube. I almost always indulge myself in watching cooking tutorials , everything from lovely meals unique from different countries to some super easy to make desserts that will surely get you craving for sweets. Coz I do crave most of the time! Haha!
Last Thursday, mom cooked a feast for my birthday. Well, she actually always does even without any occasions because she loves cooking for us. =)
As my contribution, I volunteered to make a cheesecake. I've watched a gazillion videos on how to create this cake...baked or no-bake. Let me share with you what I made for the first time. ;)
I'm pretty proud! It turned out super gorgeous. haha! *ehem*
If you want to know how I made this mouthwatering No-Bake Blueberry-Strawberry Cheesecake, read more. =))

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Haul! Makeup, Crystals, New Cam and Hello Kitty

I'm back with another haul and as I've mentioned from my previous post, I'm sharing a few things related to my birthday. =)
I turned 24 last Thursday. Thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings...for the blessing of life, love and good health. As they say, when you get older, you should no longer expect to receive gifts on your birthday. They say birthday gifts are only for kids. Haha! I never expected to actually receive anything this year but ofcourse, who am I to resist grace? hehe! I am very thankful and I feel so blessed for these... =)
My family and loved one's have been very supportive of me with my chosen career and also now that I've started blogging. They read my blog too. Hehe! So it's but right to feature their gifts here. :D

Read more and peek in to see what's inside... =)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unwrapping BFF's Birthday Gift: L'Occitane, Elizabeth Arden, MAC

My BFF Cza and I have been friends for over 13 years! Oh how I love her! 
She now lives in Canada (for the past 6 years) and I miss her dearly! She went home for a vacation last year and we got to catch up and bond. It was also in time for her birthday and I gifted her an Encara BB Cream. And she loves it sooo much! Hihi! She's almost running out and I hope to find a way to send her backups soon. =)
This time, as I am celebrating my birthday, I received a package from her fresh from Canada. Thanks to Tita Sally, her mom's friend for bringing it over from miles away and to his Tito Carlito for shipping it over. Yay!!! I received it right in time for my birthday. I was telling her, it would have been more fun if she were here to celebrate with me. hehe!
Let me now show you what's inside... ;)

YAY!! Amazing stuff! Thanks my dear BFF for sending these stuff over. =)

More photos below...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camille on Her First Model Shoot

Every person has their own dream. My client Camille for one has always dreamed of becoming a model. In yesterday's shoot, my college friend Dustin asked me to do Camille's hair and makeup for her first ever shoot.
I am so glad to be part of the start of this lovely lady's journey to her dreams.
Our original peg was to do some kind of a dark eye makeup look. But after learning that this was her first ever experience to be shot on a full-on photo studio and as a model, I recommended we first do a subtle and simple beauty look and she excitingly agreed. =)
I'm all for big curly and textured hair. And so was Camille... ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello Kitty Themed Pre-Debut for Tammy

As a young girl, I used to collect Hello Kitty items. I'm a fan of that cute, cuddly, pretty and girly cat. Hehe! You could only imagine how excited I was to learn that my next debutante's party is going to be Hello Kitty themed. =)
Doing this shoot was definitely so much fun!
Tammy, the debutante, and I have been planning about her debut and this shoot for months now. She is a junior member of the same choir I'm part of in college. 
And this is her hair and makeup for yesterday's pre-debut shoot.

Tammy requested for a simple look that's girly and youthful looking. 
For her first hairstyle...I did a side-part on her hair, braided the front part, pulled her to a side-swept style and twisted it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NEW Makeup Trolley and Agold's Quest to White Hair

I should actually be sleeping and resting by now because I have an early morning makeup gig later but I wanted to share how special my Friday was! Hehe!

My sister Agold says she's always dreamed of having platinum white hair...and so today, she finally decided to do something about that dream. =)

I say, whatever makes you happy,go for it! So long as you don't hurt anyone, then nothing should stop you. ;)

She went to HBC at SM Dasma and picked up a 10.0 Bleaching Cream - PhP 100 and a 12% Oxidizing Lotion - PhP 30.

She asked our aunt, Ate Emily, to help her out with coloring her hair and me as her photographer. haha!

She mentioned that the sales assistant from HBC told her that she'd probably need to bleach her hair 3 times to achieve her dream of platinum hair, so for now, well..you'd see in the next photos how it looks like. =)

BUT before that, I want to share to you all how my newest baby looks like...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 2012 Birthday Giveaway [CLOSED]

Hello everyone! How's your Wednesday coming along?
If you've been following me here on my blog and on Facebook for quite sometime now, you've probably remembered me saying that I'd do a HUGE Birthday Giveaway to my lovely readers. And now is that time! Yaaaay! =)

As a THANK YOU to all of you who've been wonderfully showing your love and support, and as I want to celebrate my birthday through sharing, I'll be giving away...

Monday, July 9, 2012

First Time Random Winner

Hey everyone!!! Have you ever joined contests or giveaways or even raffle draws and have never won anything? Then I know how you feel! haha! I often join those kinds of raffle draws but I never ever get lucky. BUT... Today, what's truly fascinating to know is that I won something without even joining anything for a raffled prize. =))
I got home tonight tired from a photo shoot, it was also fun though. I'm surely sharing it as soon as possible. Hehe! Then, I went on to check my Facebook and I noticed I received a random message from AvonPh telling me this...

Click Read more... =)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Iza Calzado Rogue July 2012 Cover Inspired Makeup

Iza Calzado

Rogue July 2012

Photographed by Mark Nicdao
Styled by LA Consing Lopez
Make-up by Juan Sarte
Hair by Celeste Tuviera
Production Design by Candy Reyes

ROGUE does it again. Their covers always go viral and controversial over the web because of their classy, glamorous female celebrities gracing the photos. There was Anne's controversial cover holding a cigarette, that of KC Conception's revealing photo holding a man's amputated head(of course it was only a mannequin of some sort, hehe!) with a huge snake wrapped on her wrist. So now, I can't help but gush over this amazing photo of the beautiful Iza Calzado. Kudos to the whole team who made this possible.

I got so inspired that the moment I saw this, I pulled my makeup box, grabbed my brushes and started doing the same thing.
I did curl my hair first and let it set. My hair is naturally big and wavy but I thought it was a great opportunity to practice using my curling iron. And like always, I got burns and bruises. Haha! As they say, no pain-no gain. :D
Read more if you wanna see the look that I did.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Huge Collective Makeup Haul

I would have to admit, I'm so bad at hoarding stuff! I love makeup so much that most of the time, I can't help it and I'd find myself shopping for more and more. I love trying out new products and buying new things.  
I'm sort of an impulse buyer. I say "Sort of" because I'd still make it a point that I read and watch reviews of the things I'm gonna buy. I read and watch lots of reviews so if the products are raved about and I get the chance to get them, I will. Haha! Although most of the time, I just try to find more things that I think would be useful for my kit since I do freelance hair and makeup service. I would just always tell myself that I'm surely going to use them. Hehe!
And another thing... I'm not so sure if it's just me but I really want new products to be in their tip-top shape for photo ops. I'm always imagining my newly bought makeups being photographed for my blog. Haha! So what happens is that if I forget to take a picture of the product, I almost completely forget about it. They just all get stuck in my drawers unopened, some even kept inside their plastic pouches from how it was exactly purchased. Untouched. Bad me.. >.<

Now let's go and get started in this huge haul...

Even though most of these items are untouched for at least a while, some are actually backups for my favorite things.
Read more to see which ones are repurchased products... ;)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Love

Just thought I'd share with you this random post of how my weekend went. =)

I always feel so happy and blessed to spend time with my loved ones.

Last Saturday, I went to a makeup gig in Calamba, Laguna with Jay. He was so sweet to go with me and help me carry my stuff! Wee! Thank you! The bride was actually his high school classmate so it was okay. If you want to read about that makeover, click here.

Then later in the day, we went to his local organization - Junior Chamber International (JCI) which was holding a Sportsfest. The venue was just in the same area. After watching the first basketball game, Jay brought me back home to Cavite. I needed to finish shipping out Encara BB Cream orders, then we decided to stroll around and then eat dinner. 

 Mang Inasal was just a street away from my courier so it was the best option to dine in. Besides, we've both been tired the whole day from all the walking and commuting. Haha! We both ordered the best-seller "Pecho" - PhP 99.00
We bought my current favorite drink, Lipton's Red Tea Iced Tea from 7-11. ;)

For some more randomness...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Unwrapping: Online Shopping

It was an ordinary day two Fridays ago, as I was all busy doing my everyday work, until another sweet surprise came by through this...

Woot!!! Hehe!I've been kind of getting hooked with online shopping since so far I've not encountered any trouble or hassles with it. Haha! Plus, I love buying things on SALE. So whenI saw some online shops selling some goodies at an amazing discounted price, I willfully indulged myself. Hehe!

Take a peek and see the items I got. =)

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