Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Makeup Makeover: Bridesmaid Beauties

Today's post is another makeup makeover. But not only to one person but three. Last May 19, I was hired to do hair and makeup for 3 lovely ladies. They attended a friend's wedding at Island Cove in Binakayan,Cavite as bridesmaids. =)

 Emma was my first client that early morning. It was a 9am wedding so I gave the ladies a subtle and fresh makeup look. I made sure to highlight her undereyes using Encara BB Cream to give her a more awake look. I filled in her brows with a brown brow powder. Highlight color for eyes and a satin brown eye shadow at the corner of her lids. I lined her upper lash line lightly and placed natural looking lashes I lightly brushed a peach-colored blush and a pink lipstick. She requested to not do so much on her hair. I opted to curl the ends of her hair and pinned her bangs to one side.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grad Ball Star of the Night Alyssa

It's almost back-to-school but let me share with you another end-of-school-year event that I did. Alyssa is my niece (cousin Wendy's daughter) and she just also recently finished high school. She asked me to glam her up for their Graduation Ball last March 28. Of course, I cheerfully to said yes! 

 Alyssa is an avid K-pop fan! She has developed this love for K-pop music and so as the artists' hair and makeup... Looking up to her idol, Dara of 2ne1 (Sandara Park), she always tries to do the same makeup Dara does on their performances which is dark black liner. Let me share with you the products I used on her.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Grad Ball Princess Ginelle

Been trying to get back in blogging. I have such a loooooong list of things to blog about, especially the ones about makeup makeovers. So for now, let me share this one that I did recently.
I always feel honored when people I don't personally know, contact me for bookings. Last March 26, Ginelle, a 4th year high-school graduate from Cavite, asked me to do her hair and makeup for her Graduation Ball. 

Ginelle requested for a simple look. Her skin type is combination to dry. I prepped her face with a water-based moisturizer and applied L'oreal base magique primer. I used Encara BB Cream as her makeup base/foundation, mixed it with some concealer for her undereyes and on some red spots. I used neutral shades on her eyes with a hint of purple that was used on the corner of her eyes to give more depth. I applied a thicker than usual black liquid liner to make her eyes more round, plus a natural pair of false lashes after 2 coats of mascara.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Loveliest Mom In the Whole Wide World

Had I gathered the courage to write my comeback post about Dad at an earlier time, I would've written this and posted it in time for the Mother's Day over a week ago. But I always believe in perfect timing. And I also thought, it should not be just on Mother's Days that we should let our mothers feel special so I'm still sharing you this post anyway.
Being a mother, as all mothers I know say, is a 24/7 profession. Writing this post can only be one of the simplest ways for me to share to everyone how much I love, appreciate and proud I am of my Mommy Whelma.
The past months have been the hardest moments that we had as a family. I admire mom so much for being strong. I myself get my strength from her. Even though we're on rough roads, she remains to have a positive outlook in life. I see her as a bright sunshine that gives everyone love and care though she is also hurting. I think this roots from her strong faith with God. After what happened, she still managed to be active in church activities. She was just recently re-elected as Cavite Diocesan President of Catholic Women's League (CWL). Her being a leader to her fellow sisters in Christ has always become an inspiration to me. I always tell my mom that she is my Idol! I look up to her so much that I try and do my best to do things that I know will make her proud of me.
My love for makeups definitely came from mom. She's the kind of person who makes sure that she will always look her best no matter what, effortlessly.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

You will forever be missed, dad!

February 28, 2012. A little past 7pm. I woke up from being asleep for at least 4hrs. I was too uncomfortable to get a sleep the night before and stayed up till morning and even after lunch when I finally got tired from not sleeping. 
Midnight of the 28th. Dad was not in good condition. He was having a difficulty in breathing so he'd need to get up, try to sit at the side of his and mom's bed to be able to breathe but he's too weak to get up himself.  Agold (my younger sister) and I would need to help carry him to support himself and sit.  He had a fever and he would throw up and spit blood. There were moments when my sister and I would take turns in helping dad to get up. It always felt terrible seeing Dad in that state. It was always disheartening. 
I was also doing some layouts and editing some things that midnight in my room. So if ever I hear Dad calling, I would go and run to their room. But later, I thought Dad got to sleep so I let myself get hooked with more and more things on my computer. Watching makeup and hair tutorials...reading reviews and blogs. 
Till later, the sun came up shining... and I was not yet asleep. I heard mom preparing to go to the hospital for Dad's regular dialysis session since it was a Tuesday. I went out my room and saw Dad on his wheel chair. His eyes were closed. I know he was asleep but he still looked very very tired. I'm sure he also wasn't able to sleep that same night. They went to the hospital and I went back to my computer to do more work...editing and talking to clients. 
Then I fell asleep and woke up with a number of missed calls from some of my siblings. Waking up to that felt uneasy. But then I noticed I wasn't able to turn off my computer. I noticed the time was 7:19pm. I checked a few emails and still managed to reply to some clients. Then I went to mom and dad's room and they still weren't home. Dad's dialysis would usually take 4hrs. They should have been home by then since they left in the morning. I asked our kasambahay where they were and she told me that Dad needed to be admitted to the hospital. She said Agold went there too a few moments ago to bring clothes. 

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