Sunday, January 20, 2013

NEW! Cara Cosmetics + Roselia Essence Masks

I am so excited for this post! =)
Why? Because I am finally sharing with you our newest discoveries from the K-pop land to hit your beauty stash. Hehe!
I think around summer last year, my sister went to Korea to scout for new products to bring to us all here in the Philippines. She discovered the brand Cara and found out that they carry an amazing line of skincare and cosmetics. They have lots and lots of products that cater to those women and men who would love to give themselves some pampering and caring.These products that I'll be featuring today were carefully picked out by my Ate Myra to bring here to the Philippines, giving us all the chance to try and enjoy.
Are you ready?
This is an incomplete group photo, hehe! Stocks of the other items are at my sister's condo. Be sure to scroll down and read more to see all of 'em here.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Back Together on 2013

I know it has been forever. (That's too much of a statement but it feels like it. Haha!) A lot of things have happened. And gosh, a year has passed already. It is quickly past mid-month of January and I'm writing this as my first attempt to blog again after so long. It feels too long, for the past months and weeks have been somewhat an over-all whirlwind for me.
I remember saying months before the past year ended, that 2012 was a roller-coaster-ride of new and extreme events. Though I've been through trials and challenges, I know I've breezed through every single one of them and turned them into achievements. Of course I would not have done that without the help of a lot people; my family, friends, boyfriend and especially God. And of course you guys...whom I know some of you have still been visiting my little baby blog even if I've taken it for granted for a little while. It was a challenge for me to update this with anything as it was already a challenge to survive an extremely busy day during the past month. So, thank you from the bottom of my touched and humbled heart. 
There were days when I wanted to just grab my computer and share something in here but whenever I get a free time, I just find myself resting. Haha! I did plenty of work that I even got super sick for over a week. I came to a point during the last days of December when I had a high fever even while on a makeup gig where I needed to do 6 people all by myself. I was praying through and through that the Lord guide me so I'd finish. And thankfully, my clients were still very happy after the makeover.
To this, I would just also like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients, especially my brides for trusting me to do their makeup especially on their big day. It is always a pleasure to know that people trust you to do what you love doing and they're up for making you part of that very special moment.
I know I have promised my clients that I'd be uploading the photos after New Year but sadly my Macbook charger just got busted for the nth time and I would need to purchase a new one. All my photos and other work files are there so please bare with me as there would be a little more delay. (I'm using mom's laptop for the time being.)
Meanwhile, I know it would be best to just push it, move forward and start up again, work with what I have and post a preview of exciting things that have happened and those that I'll be sharing with you guys in the coming days.
So, are you ready? =)

Please Like and Share Myrskin on Facebook
Myrskin is my sister's official page. My Ate Myra is the one who introduced me to Encara BB Cream and more Korean skincare and cosmetics. Remember my post about a table-full of Korean products? See it HERE.
They are now available for purchase and the products are already posted there. I will be re-uploading them on my makeup page too and will also be featuring each one here in my blog.

 We even finally tried to join a bazaar and the experience was amazing. It was a learning experience and I'm  excited to be part of more bazaars in the future. :)
And yes, though I was only there during the 1st day, I was able to do makeovers on some of the clients who purchased and visited our booth. And...
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