Friday, October 26, 2012

Teen Beauty Johara

I always love and enjoy sharing with you my makeup makeovers.
Today's post is another one I did yesterday. It's always hard to travel when the rains pour in like there's no tomorrow. But strong winds and rain did not stop me to go to my lovely client. Hehe!
Meet my beautiful teen client yesterday Johara. Jo, as her family calls her, is actually the younger sister of my student chef client Lei. (See that entry here)
Lei asked me to help her sister out and prepare for their school acquaintance party.

Considering that this girl's only 15, I made sure to give her very natural and fresh looking makeup.

Please read more to check out her photos and some of the products I used on her. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brookfield's Female Chefs Makeover

Hello everyone! Remember when I said in my previous post sthat I've done lots of makeovers in the past days and weeks? Yeah..I wasn't kidding. :)
I feel really blessed to be able to share my passion for makeup and beautifying to more and more people.
Over a week ago, I posted the official photos that my photographer friend Ned released on his FB page. Those were Brookfield's Culinary Arts program's graduation photos. If you haven't seen those photos, click here.
Well today, as I know most of my lovely readers come back for this kind of posts, I'm sharing with you the makeover photos of the female chefs from that shoot. I did 10 in total, 5 ladies and 5 men. So this should be part 1. ;)
Read more to see individual photos...

Monday, October 22, 2012

FOTD: Current Fave Sexy Smokey Eye

 If you've seen my recent post about mom's pin-up inspired makeover last Saturday, (if you haven't Click HERE), you've probably noticed I got my makeup trolley set up at home. When mom left, I had to think twice if I were gonna fix my things already or... yes, you guessed that right! I just couldn't resist   playing with them and putting makeup on myself too. Haha! (Sayang naman! Nasa harap ko na lahat o!) Plus, I had to try out how well my new Sigma brushes work. hihi!

Today's FOTD is my current go-to smokey eye makeup that I do whenever I want to feel sexy... ;)
If you want to learn what products I used on my face, read more...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pin-up Inspired Makeup for Mom

Happy Sunday beautiful people!
As I have mentioned in my previous post, I've been doing lots of makeup makeovers recently, that today I'm sharing with you my client for yesterday. And she's no other than my beautiful mom, Whelma! =)
Mom attended a friend's 25th wedding anniversary at Manila Hotel last night and as usual, I did her hair and makeup. I always here the phrase "proud mom" but hey, this time I'm the proud daughter. Mom looks super gorgeous, I betcha! You need to read more and see the photos for yourself! ;)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh Makeup for Entourage Beauties

Today's post is another set of makeover(s) I did over a week ago.
Meet my college friend Kimmi, who I've always been told looks so much like me. We've been called and mistaken to be the other one a number of times. We recalled how his then-boyfriend-now-husband who was also my classmate in one subject, got surprised I look so much like her. Haha! It was fun reminiscing and seeing her again with her lovely family.
Enough with my blabbering and let's get on with the makeover. ;)

Kimmi requested for curly hair and as I'm loving side-swept hair at the moment, I did a curly side-swept for her hair. I used a 1-inch curling iron to achieve tighter curls.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Makeover for Alyssa

 I know I'm lacking up on posts but I hope to make it up to all of you with this wonderful makeover. ;)

Two Fridays ago, my niece Alyssa once again asked for my help to give her a makeover as she was joining a pageant for school. This girl's ultra talented in dancing and bagged the Best in Talent award.
I'm such a proud Tita! When I last glammed her up months ago for their grad ball, she was named "Star of the Night"(blog here) Certified award-winning beauty and talent! Hihi!
Read more and check out her photos and some of the products I used on her...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wish List Haul: Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Sigma

They always say, wishes are only for kids and they only happen in fairy tales. Well, what I'm sharing today is truly a dream come true. Hihi. I've wished for these things and have listed them on my "To Own List" for the longest time and they're finally mine now. Hihi. Though not like in fairy tales where a magical character surprisingly answers your wishes, to get these things I've worked for the hardest (blood, sweat, tears and all! Haha!). And I'm still extremely happy like a kid! =)

Last Saturday after doing Tita Perla's makeover for her Renewal of Vows (makeover post here), I went home with a package that I've long been waiting for! I've finally decided to cross out some of the top things in my wish list. :D

And then a week later, just yesterday, another big purchase came...something I've always for the longest possible time I know wished to have and own.

What are they? Read more to see...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Renewal of Vows: Bride - Perla

Good morning beautiful people! =)
I have been truly busy with work the past week thus the lack of post. I'm being blessed to have more makeup work than I'd imagine and I am very thankful.
Last Saturday was a pleasure as I was tasked to help Tita Perla to prep up for her and Tito Monching's 25th Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Vows. :)
She's my long-time friend Ingrid's mom. It was fun going back to their home, after over a decade. I used to always go there whenever we'd have projects to accomplish and dance and plays to rehearse. We all couldn't even believe time passed by that quickly.

 Tita Perla, or Nanay as her children lovingly calls her (I swear I'd love my future children to call me that too, hehe!), has amazing skin to start with so doing her makeup was effortless. I prepped up her skin with my favorite combo Celeteque Hydration Moisturizer and Encara BB Cream. For added coverage, I used Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in some areas.

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