Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makeup Pro Haul - High End Makeup

I know I've been most delinquent in updating my blog in the past weeks. Don't want to reason out but surely a lot of things have happened and I can't wait to share 'em with you. =)))
But let me just jumpstart and share one haul i'm mostly proud of, not that these are high end products and more on the pricey side but because these are things I've written in my wish list from years back and now finally got them.
All these are from my hard-earned money and not for showing off. I know a lot who ask me what products I have in my kit, and I myself love knowing other Pro MUA-recommended products out there. So I'm hoping this could be helpful too.
Got all these from Make Up Pro last November. I know, it's late and I think they've slightly raised some prices already but theirs are still remarkably lower than those from the malls. The place is a makeup heaven, I warn you. I went there with a list so as not to go over my budget. I recommend you do too. You can always come back for more, though. Haha!
I focused more on initially investing on face base products so read more to see which ones I got...

The ever famous Make Up Forever HD Foundation and I got the shades 117 and 175. Kim Kardashian, whose makeup is loved my millions of girls, raves about this foundation. I now know why. I'm definitely coming back to get more shades.
I get to use 117 more recently because most of my clients are fair-skinned. I use 175 to custom-mix a shade to would suit more my morena clients.
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC35
This shade suits a lot of Filipino clients  because of its medium yellow tone. 
Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder 1.75oz
I'm glad I bought this powder for it's truly finely milled and gives a light feel on the skin. I just regret not getting the Banana one too then, before they increased the price but that's still part of my to buy list. :)
And this super important for Pro MUAs, a mixing plate and a spatula. These are used to custom mix liquid and cream products. I got a generic spatula and a Make Up Forever mixing plate.

I decided not to include the price in this post for they sometimes or often raise 'em. I suggest you go visit Make Up Pro's Facebook page to check the prices. The photos posted there though aren't complete, 'coz I tell you, that small showroom is just bursting out of pure and overwhelming makeup goodness and I can just imagine how difficult it could be to post all of 'em there.
Ms. Anna, the lovely and super accommodating owner of the store recommends you to go visit their shop. I went to the original Makati branch but they've already opened a QC branch. However, if you aren't from Manila or somewhere nearby, you can pm her and ask which ones you want and if they're available, so you can order online.
And that's me, all-smiles, carrying my Temptu goody bag filled with oh so awesome makeups. I'm just one happy kid. =))
In all honesty, my main purpose of going to that store is to purchase my Temptu airbrush system but ended up still getting more products. Everything though is part of my list, which I again recommend that you do too in advance. You can just see how much items are there at my back (and that's just a small portion of the room) and I bet you'll surely go gaga when you go there. Haha! 
And because it is super special for me, I'm dedicating a separate post dedicated to my Temptu Pro Airbrush system haul on my next post. :)
Oh and don't forget to leave in the comments section below which ones you want me to review. ;)
Thanks everyone!

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  1. It's just not possible to leave there without buying anything. Just recently bought nars pure matte lipsticks. Love that place.

  2. Hi! Just want to ask, are all Make Up Pro's products authentic? Thank you

  3. Thanks for this blog dear. I will definitely visit this place soon.


  4. Hi Miss Aila,
    I’ll do just what you said “shop with a list”. Thanks for the tip!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.


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