Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Hair Edition

I've always been that girl known for my big black hair. One night, I went ahead and gathered enough courage to change it up and finally go out of my ultra-comfort zone. Thus, I'm sharing this special post about the most adventurous thing I've done so far.
Things didn't happen as I've wished for the to and I got scared, but I'm sharing these things (tips, tricks and trivia too) for all you guys out there.

Read on and see how I did all of it here...

 December 13, 2012
Just one night of boredom, I asked my sister Agold to bleach my hair. She was super hesitant at first but I was insisting that it'd be okay. My hair's terribly big so she dunk a big batch of bleach and then applied it on my hair. I had to part it into sections first so she'd not have a hard time evening them out. She applied it from bottom up to my crown. I waited about an hour before I rinsed it with a bucket-full of ice and water. She said this shall help relieve the burning feeling on the scalp and help with vibrance.
It still turned out uneven. My scalp was burning and super itchy. The hair from my roots turned yellow and the mid-shaft to ends turned yellow-copper-like in color.
The reason of the uneven effect? I shall tell you later...

Few moments after I towel-dried my uneven bleached hair, I asked her to apply cellophane. Cellophane is a hair-enhancing product/procedure that gives hair a more lustrous effect. I used a cellophane in a choco-brown color. This was also applied from bottom up, then focusing more on the roots where it turned lighter from bleaching.

December 15, 2012
I went to the mall for a dinner date with Jay but he was late and I just suddenly felt the need for a haircut and so I went to my fave David's Salon. My trusted and fave hairstylist Ms. Marissa was sooo busy I had to wait to be serviced till after 3 girls. I first had a shampoo and then went to the salon chair. Unlike my usual visits where my hair would be cut wet, the assistant decided to blow dry my hair first as it was terribly dry and knotted. It would have been a pain to get it combed and cut wet.
The assistant also told me why the color is uneven. He said, the heat from my scalp forced the product to develop faster than those from mid-shaft to ends. He said when bleaching, they were taught in beauty school to not apply it from roots instead leaving at least an inch away.
Then...Ms.Marissa took over and was surprised. She said she didn't recognize me and immediately knew that I bleached my hair without even telling her yet. She said... "Ang pinaka-pangit na pwede mo'ng gawin sa buhok mo eh i-bleach!" (The worst thing to ever do to your hair is bleach it!) waaaah! haha! I was both laughing and worried but I thought to myself, it's okay. It's just hair. She even mentioned that even though she's a Pro, she's stil scared to even do bleaching as it is very difficult to even out. So she went and did my hair a little glamming up and cut it to layers so it would look and feel lighter. When my hair has grown long and big, I always find myself complaining on how heavy it feels and my nape and back gets painful. (haha! it's that heavy)

 February 6, 2013
There used to be a time when I tried to grow my hair to it's longest and avoided cutting it for over a year. It was gruesome and hard as I felt like it was growing too slowly. But here I am, just almost a month from having a Pro cut my hair, I'm again feeling the need for another haircut. My hair is too dry at the ends and the color is no longer pleasant looking. My original black with white and grey hair has grown to over an inch and is too obvious thus making my bleached hair too fake looking. The cellophane fades every time you wash your hair.
And because I knew that my hair's needing some TLC, I grabbed a pair of haircutting shears (borrowed from Agold) and started cutting my hair. This isn't my first time (though I'm not trained to do this so I'm not encouraging anyone to follow) but I am confident to get my look in mind. It's now a layered bob that ends just past my shoulders.

I bought two tubes of Bremod hair color in 7.45 Flowiness Red. I mixed it in equal portions with a 9% oxidizing lotion and then applied from mid-shaft up. Doing this allows the product to develop better color through the hair.

 Then after covering all the bleached hair with the product, it was then applied to the roots. I waited for an hour to let it develop even more. Washed it and look like that in the right photo. ;)
It has a wine red sometimes purplish but mostly deep red color. I super love it!

February 10, 2013
And it turns super bright and vibrant when under the sun. I love my new hair. I'm proud I cut it myself again this time. It took me too long to finally share something about my hair as I was not the happiest about how it looked like the past weeks. There were days when I really thought it looked good on me. And a lot were saying that the color (after cellophane) made my skin look lighter. But this hair, the wine red layered bob is my most favorite so far.

What do you guys think? Should I keep this cut and color? What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done to your hair? I'd love to hear your stories. Share them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading! 'Til next time!

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  1. I hate messing with my hair because I know it takes a lot of maintenance and I'd probably end up destroying my hair.. so I just never do it!

    But kudos on being adventurous, looks like it turned out really well for you! :)


  2. Really nice hair color actually. LOoked great on you :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  3. Super love the color! I'll look for it on HBC! :D Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I used a bremod dye in red i don't remember the number but it was really red without a need to bleach.

  5. Hi! Can you show how you cut your hair? Btw, the color and cut look great!

  6. Love the hair, Ms Aila!


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