Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shoot on a Beautiful Sunshine

It was a sunny, early morning Tuesday when myself, my muse Shine and photographer Mot drove past the hills of an undisclosed place and prepped for a shoot.
I kind of forgot to take good before and after photos of my lovely Shine but let me just share some that will surely bring you to that wonderful place of beauty and solace.
Model: Shine Severo

See more photos after the jump...

And here are a few behind the scenes photos that I took...

Sunkissed, au naturel makeup for the lovely Shine =)
I know this is over exposed but this is the only photo I got of us that day, hehe!

I think it has already been a long time since I last did a model shoot so this was kind of very refreshing. Working with wonderful people is always a nice experience. :)
You'll surely be seeing more of these in the coming days.

Thank you all for the dropping by! More makeup posts in awhile...

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