Monday, February 18, 2013

Post-nup: Maryknoll and Neil

The most beautiful smiles come from those who bear a growing life in them.
Meet my beautiful bride Maryknoll. I was very blessed to meet her and work with her and her husband for a post-nuptial shoot which we did in Manila.
Super thanks to the awesome photographer Mot Rasay for trusting my work and referring me to be part of the shoot.
Take a look at more beautiful photos after the jump...

Doing makeup inside a busy fast food restaurant is quite a bit of a challenge but my beautiful bride was a breeze to work with so it wasn't a worry at all.
I realized we'd be doing a hike within the streets Intramuros so I decided to give her the most natural-looking makeup I could. It was fresh, light and easy on the eyes. Cool plum and some golden highlights for the eyes, beautifully arched brows, glowing flushed cheeks and a peach colored lips to make her look more fresh.
She was charming in all the sense of the word and willingly agreed to take a photo with me. Hehe!
Trying to do a behind the scenes shot here. ;)
She's just a beauty. And I love how sweet and caring Neil is to her too.
And this is me again trying to sneak in a snapshot with my beautiful bride. :)

And here are some Photos by Mot Rasay...

And a little one-liner from her that just truly melts my heart to bits. Thank you for making me part of this special shoot!

Thank you all for dropping by! Be back for more makeup makeovers...
xoxo, Aila

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  1. Amazing!!
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