Sunday, January 20, 2013

NEW! Cara Cosmetics + Roselia Essence Masks

I am so excited for this post! =)
Why? Because I am finally sharing with you our newest discoveries from the K-pop land to hit your beauty stash. Hehe!
I think around summer last year, my sister went to Korea to scout for new products to bring to us all here in the Philippines. She discovered the brand Cara and found out that they carry an amazing line of skincare and cosmetics. They have lots and lots of products that cater to those women and men who would love to give themselves some pampering and caring.These products that I'll be featuring today were carefully picked out by my Ate Myra to bring here to the Philippines, giving us all the chance to try and enjoy.
Are you ready?
This is an incomplete group photo, hehe! Stocks of the other items are at my sister's condo. Be sure to scroll down and read more to see all of 'em here.

After the much success and lovin' that we gained from releasing the much raved Encara BB Cream to our dear Philippine market, I am so happy to tell you all that we have 2 new bb creams to try. Yes, you heard that right! Two! Yay! =)
Plus more makeup essentials that you'll surely love.

And a quick info about the brand Cara...
According to their website,
CARA is purported to strive for beauty and health of contemporary women as well as happy life for everybody with its unique brand of Care Cara for healthy skin basic care.
This nature-friendly brand helps protect the sensitive skin of women from the polluted environment in having the sufficient moisture supply and special nutrition supply in skin management of women.
Cara Airfit  BB Cream (50ml  tube type + 30ml facial foam cleanser)
Int'l price: Php 1,250
This also comes in a 3ml sachet which buyers can opt to purchase for only Php 25 each before getting the full size one.
It has a smooth demi-matte finish with instant brightening effect on the skin. This one is best for normal to oily skin as it was formulated for tropical weather.
Snail BB Cream (50ml tube type with pump)
Int'l price: Php 1,025
Also comes with a sachet combo of Snail BB Cream and Intensive Hydro Cream for only Php 25 each.
This BB Cream also has a demi-matte finish but is best for normal to dry skin as it contains snail mucosa that helps rejuvenate the skin.

Both Airfit and Snail BB Creams have a more neutral undertone compared to Encara.
Cara Moisture Cover - Snail Essence - In Pact (13g powder + 13g powder refill)
Int'l price:  Php 1,250
This powder compact also carries the new technology on snail essence. It is very finely milled and has medium-full coverage. This set comes with a free refill of the same amount so that's like getting 2 products in 1 box. Great, right?

Preta Powder 
Int'l price: Php 490
This innovative compact comes with both matte and a highlighting powder that will help you achieve that healthy and natural glow on your face.
3 Seconds - Quick Eye Liner
Int'l price: Php 590
This fine tip quick liquid liner has a clean, rubber finish that is waterproof and anti-smudge. 
Deer Eyes Volume Mascara
Int'l price: Php 720
This mascara is LOVE. =)
It gives off a instant volumizing and lengthening effect. Imagine a false lashes but natural. It has a curved brush applicator, ideal for covering even the tiniest bits of your lashes.

Roselia Essence Mask
Int'l price: Php 50
These super moisturizing essence sheet masks are a must-have especially in our country that has the weirdest climate change everyday. I love using this once or twice a week before I go to sleep to help replenish moisture on my dry skin.
It comes in 6 different variants with each one having different skin benefits. These are Aloe, Coenzyme Q10, Collagen, Green Tea, Red Ginseng and Retinol.

Whew! Finally finished this post. Hehe! I've not yet included the different skincare sets that we have in store for everyone. Expect individual reviews to come up in the next days and weeks.

All of the products I've posted here are now available for purchase through my FB page, Makeup by Aila Apolo.
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Thank you all for reading! See you on my next post! =)

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