Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prenup: Mark & Elle

Credits to Cuenca Digitals for this photo
Mark is my (photographer) friend and so he commissioned me to help glam up her beautiful then-fiance Elle. =)

Elle is already naturally beautiful even before the makeup, but since the prenup would be outdoors and she prepared a handful set of clothes, might as well go for the full glammed up look. I gave her (of course) fresh flawless skin, daytime smokey, healthy looking flushed cheeks and a youthful lip color for the shoot.
A little side-note, I think she resembles Star Power Finalist K-La Rivera, right??? ^^

Elle's first outfit is that of the 1st photo. Side braids for the hair and a mix of fishtail braids and twists plus her cute jumper outfit makes for a cute youthful set of photos. 
I just don't have a good shot from my own cam. But they've got a beautiful set and she changed up her clothes a couple of times and so I did different hairstyles too.
You need to see their lovely photos... Check 'em out after the jump. ;)

 I helped style Elle too throughout the shoot. This is her 2nd look. Outfit's kind of Anne Curtis inspired, eh? 

 Love love love this vibrant hairstyle for her 3rd look. Half up - half down with a twist. ;)

 I think this one's my fave from the bunch of photos I took that day. They just both look beaming happy and in love! I'm such a fan of the Mark-Elle love team! =)

And as for their 4th and final look, I changed up Elle's hair to an updo and brightened up her lips with some red-pink toned lips.

It was a fun-filled day and I was so glad to work with both of them...they were so sweet and soo in love. =)

And yes, I was there during their wedding too and I did Airbrush makeup for Elle. Will be posting that soon as well.

Which one's your fave look? I'd love to know and hear from you. Leave 'em in the comments section below. Thanks everyone!!!

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    1. Thanks Jenny! =) Ganda niya noh? Hehe! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. wow grabe yung transformation nagmukha xang bata sa makeup nyo poh..


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