Friday, May 25, 2012

Loveliest Mom In the Whole Wide World

Had I gathered the courage to write my comeback post about Dad at an earlier time, I would've written this and posted it in time for the Mother's Day over a week ago. But I always believe in perfect timing. And I also thought, it should not be just on Mother's Days that we should let our mothers feel special so I'm still sharing you this post anyway.
Being a mother, as all mothers I know say, is a 24/7 profession. Writing this post can only be one of the simplest ways for me to share to everyone how much I love, appreciate and proud I am of my Mommy Whelma.
The past months have been the hardest moments that we had as a family. I admire mom so much for being strong. I myself get my strength from her. Even though we're on rough roads, she remains to have a positive outlook in life. I see her as a bright sunshine that gives everyone love and care though she is also hurting. I think this roots from her strong faith with God. After what happened, she still managed to be active in church activities. She was just recently re-elected as Cavite Diocesan President of Catholic Women's League (CWL). Her being a leader to her fellow sisters in Christ has always become an inspiration to me. I always tell my mom that she is my Idol! I look up to her so much that I try and do my best to do things that I know will make her proud of me.
My love for makeups definitely came from mom. She's the kind of person who makes sure that she will always look her best no matter what, effortlessly.

This is an old photo of me and mom. (taken 3yrs ago, I think) I was practicing makeup and I was all excited to take a photo with mom. Look at her! She doesn't have any makeup on but she still looks so glowing. She always makes sure that she doesn't sleep with any makeup on. She is so diligent in taking care of herself. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to get herself pampered...regular mani/pedi and foot spa, hair touchups, regular visits to the salon, body scrubs and gosh, I still always get surprised at how many ways she could think of to make herself even more beautifu, plus she is very cheerful! She's almost turning 60 but no one would notice. ;)

 Mom is the best cook I know. Our family bonding always comes to sharing food. Every meal feels festive when it's mom who cooks it. In this photo, mom improvised on making home-made waffles. hotcake mix + hotdogs for merienda! Yum!!!

 Mom as an amazing woman leader. I took this photo of mom during their Provincial Convention for CWL last year, before she went up stage to give her President's report. This event was so successful (and so as all the events she lead). I saw how hundreds of women look up to my mom. I couldn't be more proud of her. She was recently re-elected to serve as President for 2 more years. Kudos to you, Ma! We're all very proud of you. (I did mom's hair and makeup here)

 Mom in being creative and great party thrower. Most of the time, mom cooks lots and lots of festive food when my siblings come over for a weekend get-together. This picture was my Dad's 60th Birthday. It was a surprise birthday party and mom was the master-mind. Pulling everything from food, to the venue layout, to the program, costumes and did it with a breeze. Hehe! Of course, we all gave our little contributions for this event.

 Mom in being the best caregiver I know. She took care of us when we were sick. Her hands have healing powers! I know that for sure. I would always call on mom when I feel sick, especially on those days that I am not at home. I love all the massages she gives us when we have body aches and fevers. Mom took care of Dad, selflessly. No one could ever top that.

All of mom's attributes make me love her more. I feel sooooo proud to have her as my mom! I  feel so inspired for when I become a mom someday, I know mom will forever be my IDOL! 

I was not at home the morning of Mother's Day. I was at Los Banos, Laguna. I made sure I'd pass by SM Calamba to bring home a cake for mom. Thinking my mom is the best, I wanted to give her the best-tasting cake I know - Mernel's famous chocolate cake. But it was an adventure to get hold of one that morning. A good 2-hour line of people all wanting to gift their moms this cake. But it was all worth it! Hehe! Thank you, Jay for getting in this line with me. ;)

 Yay!!! Heart-shaped Mernel's chocolate cake for the best mom in the whole wide world! This is the most famous cake in Lor Banos, Laguna. Make sure to get yourself a taste when you go there.

ORYSPA -  from the root word "oryza sativa" which is the scientific name of Asian rice and spa. This brand is also from Los Banos, Laguna. For all those stress-filled moments, Jay (my boyfriend) suggested we buy this locally produced spa products for mom. We tried the testers when we were in line to buy a cake. This is definitely refreshing. Both products gave instant relief to my head and back aches. We gave this to mom too and she loved it! Yay! =)

Our moms sacrificed a lot for us to feel all the love and care that we could have in our life. Little things like these are simplest possible way for us to return the favor and make them feel special. =)
How did you celebrate the Mother's Day? Share in the comments below.


  1. "...but I always believe in perfect timing" - i love love this part

    your parents have raised a wonderful daughter, you have a beautiful heart and im sure that your dad is very proud of you (=

    1. Hehe! <3 Thank you soooo much! I always try to do my best to make my parents proud. We owe it to them, eh! Their such wonderful blessings from God. I always feel blessed to have them as my parents.


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