Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Makeup Makeover: Bridesmaid Beauties

Today's post is another makeup makeover. But not only to one person but three. Last May 19, I was hired to do hair and makeup for 3 lovely ladies. They attended a friend's wedding at Island Cove in Binakayan,Cavite as bridesmaids. =)

 Emma was my first client that early morning. It was a 9am wedding so I gave the ladies a subtle and fresh makeup look. I made sure to highlight her undereyes using Encara BB Cream to give her a more awake look. I filled in her brows with a brown brow powder. Highlight color for eyes and a satin brown eye shadow at the corner of her lids. I lined her upper lash line lightly and placed natural looking lashes I lightly brushed a peach-colored blush and a pink lipstick. She requested to not do so much on her hair. I opted to curl the ends of her hair and pinned her bangs to one side.

 I lightly blended the edges of the brown eyeshadow to give it a subtle smokey look that's still fit for and early morning event. I also added a shimmery lip gloss at the center of her lips.

Ernestine was actually the one who found me online and requested for my service. She contacted me through my FB makeup page. All of them girls already have beautiful skin to start with. On Ernestine, I used only Encara BB cream as her makeup base/foundation. I added a little more on her under eyes. 
All of them slept late the night before and doing that extra highlighting step keeps the dark under eyes away. =) I lightly brushed a rose colored and brown shadow on her lids. I added a little highlight at inner corner of her eyes, thinly lined her upper lash line with black gel liner and brown pencil liner for her waterline. She already had a voluminous lashes so we opted to skip the falsies as she no longer needed them. I just gave her 2-3 coats of mascara. Peachy-pink blush for her cheeks to add that natural glow and a lip color that's closer to her real lip color.

 For her hair, she requested for a half-updo. I sadly forgot to take a picture of the back but the crown is twisted and pushed up. The rest of the hairs were twisted in small portions, creating the flower hairstyle. The ends of her long beautiful hair were curled away from her face. =)

 Joyce have very beautiful eyes. To emphasize it, I lightly patted a dark brown eyeshadow on her lids, making sure to place it from the upper lashline. I lightly blended it with a round blending brush that with a subtle shimmery brown eyeshadow. I placed a highlight on her brow bones and the inner corner of her eyes. The same shimmery eyeshadow was used to set the brown liner that I used on her water line. Days before the event, she had permed her lashes and so we only needed to add a few coats of mascara to enhance it. Light peach-pink blush was used on her lips, a pinky mauve lipstick and gloss. =)
Joyce was so worried about her hair coz she just also had it recently permed. What I did was gathered all her hair to one side, twsted and pinned it. I curled the the ends in portions.

 Whew! These are the finished look for all the three beautiful bridesmaids that day.

I gathered some of the photos they've uploaded and did a collage. I feel so happy that they were very satisfied with the looks I did on them. Ernestine even posted her a photo of her after the makeup, thanking me. She is even using the same photo as her profile picture in Facebook. To a makeup artist like me, it only means that your client appreciated your work. That's more than enough honor to me.
Yay!!! Thank you so much for this very heart-warming feedback! These words mean so much to me. =)

Have you been a bridesmaid before? Did you hire someone else to prettify you? What look was done to you and did you like it? Let me know in the comments below. =)

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