Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Future Teachers Anne and Kazu for G. at Bb. Lasalyano 2012

Just when I was done doing makeup for my model during my Studio4104 Photo shoot, I got a call from a random number. It was Ms. Tina…my high school English teacher. She now teaches at La Salle Dasma and asked me to help their department. She asked if I could do hair and makeup for the representatives of the College of Education, Anne and Kazu for the 2012 G. at Bb. Lasalyano Competition. Fortunately, the dates she gave me weren’t booked yet, so I immediately said yes. (Thank you Ms. Tina for trusting my talent and for saying 'congratulations' when we spoke over the phone. Your appreciation means a lot to me. =) )
Due to some schedule mishaps and the unpredictable rain, I was advised that their parade and sportswear competition was cancelled, so I wasn’t able to help them on those events yet. But, I finally went to their coronation event held last Feb 16 at DLSU-D’s Ugnayanag La Salle gym.

Warning: I know almost all of my posts are photo-heavy, but this one's gonna be ultra heavy.. ;)
Before and After. Anne is wearing her first attire - water-inspired outfit. This may look too much, but the pageant stage has very strong and harsh lights so that's just about how make up is done. =) For her hair, I set-curled, let loose and pinned it to one side. 

Closer look on her face makeup. I gave her this mix of blue, violets and pink highlights to brighten up her eyes, pink blush and a mauve pink lips. Contouring and highlighting is very important for stage makeup since her face needs to have dimensions and not look flat on-stage.

Left to Right: Professional attire, with hair pulled up and sleek bangs; Casual wear, I pulled the hair higher and teased her bangs for a little lift; Filipiniana attire, clean French twist.
 Anne and Kazu wearing their water-inspired outfits. On Kazu - foundation for base and powder highlight and contouring...blow-dried his hair for a cleaner look.

The candidates in their professional attire...

Anne is being prepped for her Filipiniana outfit. I did a classic French twist on her hair to match the classic feel of the gown. =)


During the announcement of special awards...that's as close as I could get. The setup was amazing. The crowd was all hyped up and everyone cheered for their own bets. Pageants are always fun and colorful!

Above photo: Anne's mom, Anne and Ms. Tina... 2nd photo - w/me and another faculty from COE

Anne and Kazu after the event... They still both look fresh, don't they? :D

Joy, the student council officer who coordinated with me and helped us prep Anne at the backstage. Thanks Joy! =)

Vanity mirror shot! hahaha! I can't help not doing this. I love the huge Makeup Artist ID that the organizers gave us. Hihi <3

Anne and Kazu may not have taken home any titles during the event but they both made us proud especially during the QnA for giving intelligent answers. Anne was asked a controversial question... She was asked for her stand about the issue of allowing Gay/Lesbian marriage in the Philippines. The crowd was all silent in anticipation and then she firmly said "No" and gave her reasons. All I could remember was that she gave a very brave answer and she was sure of her stand and beliefs.

Congratulations to all of the candidates for making their colleges proud, and kudos to all the winners! ANIMO La Salle!


  1. Thank you so much for this Ate Aila. Is it okay that I borrowed some of the pictures here for my blog? :)) <3

    1. Hi Anne! Musta? Sorry super late reply ha.. It's okay nmn to grab photos. Kindly place my blog's link nlng as credit. Thank you! =)

  2. You have an amazing talent! I love the colors! yaaay!

    1. Wow!! I'm humbled. Thank you so much! <3 =)


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