Monday, February 6, 2012

Unboxing: Charm Flat Top Brush

Yaaaay!!! Look at what greeted me when I woke up last Friday!

A parcel from the mail! =)

My mom knocked on my door so hard enough that I got shocked and jumped out from bed. She then told me that a courier was downstairs with a parcel for me. Like a kid all excited for candies, I went with my postal ID on hand as I was sure I’d need it when claiming the item. 
Yay! I knew it! My 2nd online purchase (ever) finally arrived. It was at dawn of Tuesday, the 31st of January while browsing through Facebook that I chanced upon a sale on the Charm Flat Top Brush for only Php500. The original retail price is Php 600 and what even more pushed me into doing this (impulse) purchase is that the sale was only till that day. Hahaha! And another thing that made it a better deal is Multiply’s free shipping promo through Xend which runs till first week of March. Yay to saving some more cash! Hihi.. Okay so let's proceed with the unboxing...

 Inside the plastic bag is this box wrapped with more plastic and a Kraft paper

 And then a pink box with Charm's logo and the name of the brush <3

 At the back of the box is a description of the product, it's purpose and functions =)

 Just below that, you're provided with an instruction on how to care for you precious brush.

 Honestly, I was surprised that the brush is actually short handled. But I love it 'coz it would really be travel friendly. It's thick enough to fit my grip, too. Having this brush is love at first touch! 

It's just as lightweight and short as this pen. 

 Look at how dense this brush is! For its price and quality, this one's definitely a steal!

I love its softness so much. I am yet to try using it with an actual makeup product. I'll surely blog about that soon as well. My mom also loved it a lot and she even exclaimed that I should have bought 1 for her too. Hihi. Sorry mom! I was panicking when I bought this. I'll surely get one for you very soon.

Have you tried this Charm Flat Top Brush already? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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