Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prom Gig at Makati Shang

I think it has been over a week since I last blogged. I’ve been kind of busy with a lot of things - work and all.  I know I would really need to practice blogging more and in time, this sure will be a skill that I have developed (*winks and wishful thinking).
Honestly, I got a lot of things in my list that I’ve been pushing aside. Topics that I want to blog about, I mean.  I’ve got some huge hauls that from last year and things (hair and makeup products) that I purchased and want to share to you all, but they are so plenty that I’m lacking the courage and perseverance (Haha! Okay, patience) to engage myself in it. I still promise to make time to do it, though. ;)
So for now, what I want to share to you my dear readers (Aww, I would love to have more followers here but I thank all those who still make time in reading what I’d say, hihi) is my first ever prom princess. Another one for my firsts list.  Her name is Sam, a 4th yr student who is so giddy and all excited to attend her Senior Prom. Gosh! I could still remember when it was my time; I was all that excited too. We met at Alabang Town Center around after lunch and went to proceed to Makati Shangri-La Hotel to do the preps. I believe we arrived there a little past 2pm but we were only able to start doing the hair and makeup around almost 4pm. There were some problems with the booked room. But still, we got to finish before the event started. Unfortunately, due to all the rush and all, we weren’t able to take pictures together. Here are some few photos from that I was able to take that day. =)

Before and After. Just by looking at Sam's smile, you'll know how fun she is to be with. <3

 This is how her hair looks like from behind when I finished curling it. I then styled it accordingly. 
 Lovely smile  =)

 Look at all the busyness at her back. haha! Some of her classmates also did their preps in the room.

Grabbed from Sam's FB profile photos. That's how she looked like after her prom. Still all fun and energetic. I was so surprised and happy her photo got more 120+ Likes as of writing. I know they all see that pretty young lady who is so happy and and got that contagious smile. =)

From what I know, Sam did all the preps herself since her mom’s in the US; from getting her dress done, contacting me for her hair and makeup and to asking help from her friend to have room booked. Wow! For a young girl, that’s an awesome accomplishment. I remember even telling her that not having a mom to support you on these kinds of things is way too difficult. I couldn’t imagine myself doing all of those things when I was her age. So, kudos to you Sam! Great job!
After doing her hair and makeup, I went straight to Landmark which was just across the street. Gosh! I love going through all of the displays in the cosmetics section. Haha! I don’t think I can ever get tired of trying, swatching and finding new makeup items. I loved the Kokuryu lipsticks, surprisingly. But I did succeed in controlling the urge to purchase anything. I left there and went home without buying anything. Yay! 


  1. saw this noww lng! hehehe i miss prom :( i miss working with you ate aila <3

    1. Aww wow!!! Miss working with you too, Sam! There's always a next time. Soon, debut mo nmn! Hehe! :)

  2. mahaba na hair ko pag nagkita ulit tayo :> yay! :)


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