Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brookfield's Female Chefs Makeover

Hello everyone! Remember when I said in my previous post sthat I've done lots of makeovers in the past days and weeks? Yeah..I wasn't kidding. :)
I feel really blessed to be able to share my passion for makeup and beautifying to more and more people.
Over a week ago, I posted the official photos that my photographer friend Ned released on his FB page. Those were Brookfield's Culinary Arts program's graduation photos. If you haven't seen those photos, click here.
Well today, as I know most of my lovely readers come back for this kind of posts, I'm sharing with you the makeover photos of the female chefs from that shoot. I did 10 in total, 5 ladies and 5 men. So this should be part 1. ;)
Read more to see individual photos...
Before I started doing the makeovers, I was told that chefs aren't actually allowed to put on makeup when they're working on the kitchen in real life. Hehe! This shoot was organized so that the culinary students would have souvenirs for when they were still studying the course. Since that was the scenario, what I did was to give them the most natural look. If you've seen the actual photos, they look like they almost don't have makeup on. The goal was to achieve natural, fresh and almost-no-makeup look. :)



Chef Lynne Ariola-Esguerra
Chef Carol Ariola-Cabaliw

To achieve fresh and natural looking makeup, I made sure to even out their skin, highlight the parts that needed it and contoured. For their cheeks, I applied subtle pink/coral/mauve shade that would give them that natural flush and healthy looking face.
For the lips, I picked a color that would actually look like their natural lips, but better. 
Since they were to wear a 'tok' (tall white chef's hat), their hair were just sleekly combed to look more neat.
I super had fun on this shoot! I was actually telling them I wanted to go enroll there too. I want to learn how to bake and do pastries too. Hihi! Maybe someday...
Again, if you have not seen the actual photos, click HERE.

So that was it! Be sure to check my blog back if you wanna see how I groomed the men. ;)

Please let me know how you liked these makeovers in the comments below. Thank you all for reading! 

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