Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Makeover for Alyssa

 I know I'm lacking up on posts but I hope to make it up to all of you with this wonderful makeover. ;)

Two Fridays ago, my niece Alyssa once again asked for my help to give her a makeover as she was joining a pageant for school. This girl's ultra talented in dancing and bagged the Best in Talent award.
I'm such a proud Tita! When I last glammed her up months ago for their grad ball, she was named "Star of the Night"(blog here) Certified award-winning beauty and talent! Hihi!
Read more and check out her photos and some of the products I used on her...

It used to be that Alyssa was too shy about her hair as she was teased by her peers because it's this frizzy. But I remember always telling her that this will be her trademark and she should be proud and just rock it. I've seen this kind of hair in hundreds of Beyonce's videos, may it be on her or on her dancers. It's just too hot to not notice! ;)
As she later embraced her lovely locks, it indeed became her trademark and added more impact to her dancing skills, I dare say. hihi! :D
We did a couple of hairstyles and I taught her a few ones that time as I could not join her during the pageant. I knew she'd do well and she really did. ;)
High pony with bun at the crown
Her skin I believe because of all the stress you get in college has a few breakouts. To spot conceal those dark spots and also lighten and brighten up her under eyes, I used my ever trusted Encara BB Cream. I then custom-mixed a few foundations to add dimension to her face . Contoured and set her face with Fanny Serrano 2-way powder in Chino, Organza and Rajah.
Smokey brown shadows for her eyes' crease, smoked out black liner at the roots of her lashes,  highlighted inner eye corners and beautifully groomed brows. This gives an instant pop of sexiness that's not too over-powering. I used UD eyeshadow primer potion, 26 colors BH palette for the browns, Tropez highlighting color, Nichido black kohl pencil for her eyes. For her brows, I used my currently trusted combo: AVON Ultra luxury brow definer in Dark Brown and In2it brow powder trio and finished it off with Etude House Color my brows in #2.
TO complete this sophisticated look, I finished it up by lining her lips using AVON Ultra Luxury lip liner in Wild Berry and filled them in with Jordana lipstick in Radiant Red.

And here are some photos from the event...

Credits to the owners of these photos

So there you go! Another makeover post! ;)
Hope you all liked this and learned something. Will be updating with more makeovers in the coming days. Thank you all for reading!

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  1. Congratulations to your niece! Her hair definitely gives statement to her look. She looks pretty. You did a great job on concealing her blemishes. :)


    1. True! =) I see it to be very high fashion. hihi! Thank you so much sis! =)

  2. WOah! You really make her stand out. After the makeover she looks likea DIVA! Fierce! She should embrace her locks! It's unique. Ms.Aila, you're one the best MUA talaga! Hehe, I also did the makeover for my cousin's acquaintance part, you can check it here and let me know if you like it :

    Thanks! - Pretty Thrifty

    1. Aww wow!!! I feel very humbled naman sa comment mo! Thank you so much sis! =) I saw your work! Your cousin looks beautiful! I love her skin and eye makeup too. Keep up the good work! <3

  3. Woooaaah! I suppper love the make-over! ^_^ Tlagang na cover yung blemishes. galing!! ^_^

    I'm a new follower! :) You are awesoe, keep it up! :) Looking forward for your new post and hoping you'll check and follow my blog too ^_^

    Btw, if you are looking for an acrylic cosmetic organizers and jewelry organizers for a cheaper price, You might check my blog post ( may help you :) Their 3 layers of acrylic drawers like the MUJI one, will be available this month. Hoping you'll check check my blog. God Bless you :)

    1. Welcome to my blog Jan Mitchelle! Followed ur blog too! =)
      Thanks for the lovely comment. Keep coming back coz I always have new makeovers here! ;)

    2. Hi! Blog not found eh. I'm looking for acrylic organizers eh.

  4. love the contour in the nose area. congratulations to your pretty niece!

    Natie A.

    1. Thank you sis! I'm planning to do a tutorial for that very soon so please check back! =)


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