Friday, October 5, 2012

Renewal of Vows: Bride - Perla

Good morning beautiful people! =)
I have been truly busy with work the past week thus the lack of post. I'm being blessed to have more makeup work than I'd imagine and I am very thankful.
Last Saturday was a pleasure as I was tasked to help Tita Perla to prep up for her and Tito Monching's 25th Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Vows. :)
She's my long-time friend Ingrid's mom. It was fun going back to their home, after over a decade. I used to always go there whenever we'd have projects to accomplish and dance and plays to rehearse. We all couldn't even believe time passed by that quickly.

 Tita Perla, or Nanay as her children lovingly calls her (I swear I'd love my future children to call me that too, hehe!), has amazing skin to start with so doing her makeup was effortless. I prepped up her skin with my favorite combo Celeteque Hydration Moisturizer and Encara BB Cream. For added coverage, I used Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in some areas.

Since it was a morning wedding event, I opted for the neutral browns and subtle rose pinks for her eyes, flushed coral-pink cheeks and a little brighter pink for the lips.

 Lovely smile! =)

Tita looked radiant on her cute haltered white dress and silver sparkly sheer bolero.

I should have taken a photo of her shoes too. It was sparkly and amazing!
 And as for her hair, I did a half-up, half down do. Teased the crown part to add more volume and parted on one side. I curled the ends to add a more romantic feel to it.

 Nanay and Tatay 
I sooo loved it when the whole family lined up and walked down the aisle for the procession. I am still very happy to have witnessed this family gathering full of love and joy. Ingrid (on silver dress) being one of the nicest and jolliest persons I know sure proves how awesome their family is and how well her parents brought her up and gaaaah, I'm missing my Dad even more. I was near crying taking this picture. Hihi. The event was very intimate as we were probably more or less than 20 who went there including the family and guests. Definitely a memory worth keep for a lifetime.
Congratulations and Best Wishes to your family, Tito and Tita! May you have more blessed years to come. =)

Thank you all for reading! I have lots more makeovers to share in the coming days so be sure to check back.
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