Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh Makeup for Entourage Beauties

Today's post is another set of makeover(s) I did over a week ago.
Meet my college friend Kimmi, who I've always been told looks so much like me. We've been called and mistaken to be the other one a number of times. We recalled how his then-boyfriend-now-husband who was also my classmate in one subject, got surprised I look so much like her. Haha! It was fun reminiscing and seeing her again with her lovely family.
Enough with my blabbering and let's get on with the makeover. ;)

Kimmi requested for curly hair and as I'm loving side-swept hair at the moment, I did a curly side-swept for her hair. I used a 1-inch curling iron to achieve tighter curls.

As she will be attending as a bridesmaid, I gave her a fresh looking makeup but with still lively colors. I initially groomed her brows into shape to frame her face and make it look more awake. Doing so (correctly) instantly lifts your face up. Grooming was the most challenging part but filling them in and defining it was easy. Then I applied my favorite water-based moisturizer which is Celeteque Hydration and then I used Encara BB Cream to even out her skin tone and give it a brightened up look, especially on her under eyes. 
I used plums and browns for her eyes, lined them and highlighted the inner corners. I curled and coated her lashes with a good 2-swipes of mascara to open up her eyes even more. I swear she has the longest pair of lashes I know and have ever seen.  I contoured  her face and applied blush with iridescent shimmers to give a light glow on her cheeks. Used a peachy pink color for her lips for a glowing youthful look.
I also did makeup for her little angel, JL. Hihi!! They're such a cute mother-daughter tandem. This lovely kid was candidly excited about getting her makeup done. Since most kids rub their eyes often, I only used a coral pink shadow over UD primer potion. Applied coral pink blush so she'll have that fresh natural flush of color too. She loved her pink-mauve lips the most!
Aren't they super cute?!! =)

Aside from Kimmi and her daughter, I also glammed up Tita Baby. She's Kimmi's husband's aunt. :)
I did her hair makeup but I forgot to take a photo of the hairstyle. It was a half-up, half-down with volume at the crown area. :)
Super fresh makeup, gorgeous glowing skin, defined brows, neutral colors and defined eyes, flushed peachy pink cheeks and bright pink lipstick. :)
I feel so blessed to have the nicest clients ever. Thank you Lord!

How did you like the makeup I did in this post? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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