Monday, June 25, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012

NOTE: This is an extremely late post. I wrote the first 4 paragraphs at that eventful morning of  Feb.28 that changed my life forever. You may want to read the blog post HERE.
I know it has been more than 5 days since I was supposed to blog about this but I caught a cold and couldn't get up. I've been very sick and was just drinking orange juice to get back some vitamin C so I'd get better faster. Hurray!! I've always wished to come to a cosmetics fair and I finally did.
The Cosmetologie Fair is an annual event organized by the Philippine International Cosmetologists Association (PICSA) where industry professionals gather. Being a budding makeup artist myself, going to an event like this is very important, with hopes to gain new learnings, experience, exposure and of course, finding great makeup deals!!! 
Feb 22 - 2nd day of Cosmetologie 2012.That morning, I was with my mom and sister, Agold. It was also an Ash Wednesday so we decided to leave early to hear mass at the Baclaran Church. After the mass, mom had to leave us since she needed to attend a meeting somewhere in Manila. Agold and I then decided to walk around Baclaran first and then went straight to MOA. We arrived there around past 10am, ate our brunch and headed straight to SMX. =)
A lot of people were already lined up outside. There were kids with fantasy makeup already, ladies and gents with big luggage. I immediately assumed they were hairdressers and makeup artists. It's such a pleasant 1st time experience for me to attend something like this. I can tell that each person there are those that I share passion for cosmetology with. haha! *cheesy...

Let me just proceed sharing that day with a Photo Diary =)
So Warning: This is going to be picture-heavy. ;)

Entrance fee to enter the venue is Php100 each.
Ms. Georgina Desuasido of MakeuUp Designory - Manila doing a zombified special effects makeup.
Male Hairstyle
Booth of Suesh Cosmetics toolkit. Lots of amazing makeup train cases on sale that day.
AVON ladies team doing demo makeup and free makeover on some guests.
THE Mr. Fanny Serrano, PICA President and one of the founders of Cosmetologie, judging finished male hairstyles. 
Yay! I didn't let the chance pass and asked him for a picture as he came near where I was standing.  Got so shy after seeing the picture. He looked so fresh compared to my uber-haggard face. Haha!
Booth of Beauty and Minerals and Digital Traincase. People surely lined up and checked out amazing items on these stalls.
YAY! Super happy to have finally met the uber-Charm-ing owner and creator of the Charm Makeup Brushes, Ms. Sophie of Beautynomics!  
All giddy and excited to swatch all those amazingly pigmented NYX lippies. Still couldn't get over how lovely the colors are. Okay, you can't see my face in this photo but I'm sure you know what I mean. =p
So lucky to have met this wonderful woman, Ms. Jane Pajarillaga. I came over their stall to check out their makeup stations. She actually came over me and asked what brand my wallet (I was holding it that time) was. I said I only got it for free from Watsons. It's my favorite and I've been using it for over a year (super sturdy and pretty). Guess what? This woman designed the exact wallet I was holding. She said it's actually for Ferragamo and they were the one to manufacture it and supply the free gifts to loyal Watsons customers. Hehe! Amazing! Can't help but take a souvenir photo with her. ;)
Love love this photo. This was after the Female Hairstyle Competition. I'm not sure who won that category but I loved this shiny and healthy-looking Dora-esque hair. Hehe!

Okay. I didn't expect to have another chance to take a photo with this amazing person. I joined the long line of people wanting to take a photo with him. Hihi.
And look who I bumped into?
Fellow bloggers and Youtube vloggers Saab - MissCorypotts, her sister Andee - ohthisislove and Say - saytiocoartillero   
Gosh! This beautiful lady is so tall! I sooo wished I wore heels that day. Haha! So glad to meet you dear! =)
And then a group shot! Super nice meeting you all. =)
Red-Carpet Hair and Makeup Category winners. Lovely looks! I wish I could join in something like this next year. ;) 
We had to go right after and I wasn't able to watch the Bridal Makeup competition. But I'm still so happy. Woot! =)

All in all...going to the Cosmetologie 2012 was an amazing experience. I got to meet wonderful people. I'm surely attending next year again. =)
Oh and yes, I did buy some wonderful items and got amazing deals. The haul blog post will come right up after this so be sure to check it out. =)


  1. I was there the same day! I wish I had the chance to meet you. What time did you came? I went home around 2ppm I think. :)

    1. Aww...hi Nadj! Sayang! I was there galore! haha! I would have loved to meet you. Di bale, next time! =) Oh and I subbed na sa blog mo. I'm the 400th! yay!

  2. When was this? I wish I get to go there too. Seems has so many make up to purchase. =)

    1. Last Feb21-22 sis! Naku, let's go next year. Sana meron ulit. Super plenty of makeups on sale. Saya! =) hehe!

  3. Someone actually contacted me about free tickets about this event but I did not receive them and also the venue was too far :( Glad you were able to meet Say! :)

    1. Aww..sayang nmn! I came all the way from Dasma, Cavite pa. I was thinking twice at first but going there was definitely a lot of fun! =)


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