Sunday, June 17, 2012

NOTD: Animo Green and White

Just a quick blog post before I hit the sack. Today is Sunday, 17th of June 2012. It is the much awaited day of my fellow Lasallians. Today, as ONE LA SALLE, we will attempt to gather 25,000 people to form the Human Lasallian Star. This event will also mark the closing of De La Salle Philippines' Centennial Celebration and the opening of the Silver Jubilee Celebration. 
The proceeds of this historical event will benefit the One La Salle Scholarship Fund, which for years has helped provide top-quality-Lasallian-education to the poor-but-deserving students. I am a proud beneficiary of this program. =)
I still remember our first attempt last 2009. I was a senior in the university and it was such a spectacular event. Gosh! I'm just so excited for this event 'coz I know it will be an even bigger and brighter star! =)
While I can't sleep from excitement, I decided to do a simple nail art tutorial inspired by the Human Lasallian Star.

In the photo (from left to right): Sassy in Rainbow Glitter, Caronia in White Satin, Caronia in Colorless, Klik in Green Tea + a Lasallian Star I drew on a tissue paper using the green polish ;)
 2 coats of white nail polish
 From the middle right part of each nail, I dragged the green nail polish to the top left corner to create this slanted green design. I did a couple of coats to get that opaque color.
 I then decided to add a small green stripe underneath the thick green layer. Pardon the crooked lines. Haha! I couldn't find my brush so I just used the tip of a hairpin.

 See that green nail polish at the bottom side of the picture? That's the tissue I used to place a few drops of green polish to pick up color for the stripes. =)
 Yay!! I used the colorless polish to top it off so the design would last longer.
And because it would be too hard for me to do the detail work on my other hand (haha!!), I decided to just brush them with plain green and white (ring finger) color. Topped it off with an amazing glitter polish, and voila! Instant shiny glittery nails! I swear this is too pretty in person, I just couldn't take a good photo and give justice to how pretty it is. Hehe!

Before I end this post, I would just like to invite my fellow Lasallians to participate in this momentous event. Your minimal contributions will definitely make a difference in the lives of others.
For those interested to know how to share your help, Lasallian or not, you may go to their website 

Hope you all enjoyed this little artsy post! Let me know what you think! =)


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