Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding on a Summer Sunshine

I promised to blog more makeup makeovers on clients and so today I share to you a bridal makeup I did just recently.
Meet my bride last April 30 - Ate April. She was my school mate in high school and we were even in the same course during college. I was so thrilled when she contacted me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding.
Since it was going to be a morning civil wedding, she requested for a natural-looking makeup. Before the special day, I even told her to send me photos of her pegs. She told me she likes Toni Gonzaga's usual fresh-looking makeup. Then she sent me photos of her hair pegs. She wanted to have a summery hair look with french braids on the front part. 

To achieve that natural look, I used very little foundation (L'oreal Trumatch) mixed with Encara BB Cream,especially applying it on her under-eyes. I grabbed my fluffy powder brush and lightly set the skin with powder. I used shimmery rose colored shadows, highlight for brow bones and shimmery light pink shadow for inner corner and center lids of her eyes.
She specifically requested to get her brows groom and I enthusiastically agreed. I am very particular with brows because properly groomed and shaped brows frame the face. I did a little grooming to give her a neat arc and trimmed it a little to brighten up her face.
I finished it up with a peachy blush for a natural flush to match her gorgeous tan. Brushed a little highlight at the top of her cheeks and a pink mauve lipstick.

I curled, set with velcro rollers and pin-curled Ate April's hair first and then did her makeup. These hair photos were after make-up. =)
I felt so "kilig" seeing Kuya Jun (the groom - I did grooming on him, too) look at Ate April like that. He loved her makeup too! Such an achievement for any makeup artist!!

I soooo love how her hair turned out! Hihi... I think it looks very fit for summer. It looks fresh and youthful. Well, for me, at least. What do you guys think? Ate April said she loved it too! <3

I snapped some photos too at the side. There were some fresh flowers that had no use and I picked one and pinned it on her hair.

The Newlyweds. =)

When we arrived at the reception, I was able to take these photos of the lovely bride.

I asked permission to grab this photo from the bride. Gaaah... I love it! <3

What do YOU think of this natural bridal makeup and fresh hairstyle? =)

Yay!!! Thank you so much Ate April for this touching and humbling feedback! =)


  1. April is so pretty. You did a great job Ai.
    You did a great job and I'm so glad to see the two of them finally decided to settle down. They're lovely couple. :)

    1. Thank you so much ate Cy! =)
      They really are a great couple. I found myself crying rin during their wedding ceremony. Everything was so touching. You can really feel the love from everyone in there. =)


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