Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012 Haul

As promised, I'm back with a haul! The Cosmetologie 2012 happened last February 21-22. I actually did a separate blog post on the event itself where I got to meet lots of amazing people. If you haven't seen that yet, please CLICK HERE.

Read on as I take you to a closer look on each item that I got and the amazing deals that made me feel like I won the lotto. haha! Okay that was exaggerated but you know what I mean. ;)

I would have wanted to get all the styles they had of these amazing lashes but I needed to control myself and choose this. Haha! Bought the No. 20 set. Look at how the ends are longer. This would be great for a dramatic but still natural eye makeup look.

These Ace Bobby Pins I swear are heaven sent! I remember back when I was a little girl when we used to have a salon and I would get lots and lots of these from the pile. Haha! They're amazing. The grip is superb and very sturdy. Been trying to find one of these ever since I started doing freelance hair and makeup but I never did. I got those from HBC but they failed me terribly, they were sooo flimsy. A box contains approximately 700pcs of these 2" inch black grips for PhP 120 and I haggled it down to Php 100.00 PLUS! I saw "kuya" the seller grabbed some more from another box from their stocks and added to mine. He might have been joyful of how excited I was when I saw these. Haha! I bought 2 boxes. I don't think I'd ever run out of it for a year or more. 
AVON Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks in Pasionate Kiss Rose and Amelia Rose.
Reg. price at PhP 299.00 each but the catch was when you buy 1, you get a free powder. ;)
I've always been a fan of AVON lipsticks so I thought this was an amazing deal and so I bought 2.
Since I bought to lippies for Php 299.00 each, I grabbed myself 2 FREE Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powders which are actually priced at Php 250.00 each. Yay! I saved Php500 for that deal. ;) Got the shades Oriental and Neutral.
Beauty and Minerals Eyeshadow Pigments for PhP 100 each and I got the shades Gold Salmon and Black. Amazing pigments, swear! I was kind of worried when I saw that each jar (bigger than a 10 peso coin) contains only a little amount. But I tell you these gorgeous pigments are so amazing you only need a speck to achieve color. A little goes a long away. Get yours here.
Charm Essentials - Crease Blending Brush from the Vegan Collection. Regular price at PhP 275.00 . This is super super soft! I would have wanted to purchase the complete set that it came with but my budget's restricted. Hehe! I'm in love with my Charm Flat Top Brush which I got online from months ago. So, I did not think twice and decided to purchase another one from this brand. In all honesty, I've not used this yet like most of the things in this post but I think I'd be using this one as an under-eye concealer. I'll let you guys know if that would work. ;)

If you've seen my previous post, you might have spotted my hand full of swatches at the Digital Traincase stall. These 2 NYX Matte Lipsticks stood out to me so I got them. They were priced at Php 280.00 each. I honestly thought I'd get them cheaper since I'm sure I've seen some online stores sell it for only Php 220 or so. But, they were so amazingly pigmented I couldn't resist I bought 2. Haha!
I bought the shades Shocking Pink and Strawberry Daiquiri.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream. PhP 280.00 each.

I bought the shades Candy Land (top) and Dolly Girl (bottom). These ones I've tried using already and they're amazingly pigmented as well. Get yours here.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Dolly Pink. This was priced at PhP 150.00 a piece.

Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipcolor Lipsticks. These are matte lipsticks with regular price at PhP299.00 a piece but were on sale for 25% OFF so I paid PhP 224.00 each. Gosh these lipsticks are also very pigmented. Love them! I got the shades: (L-R) 909D Coral-ine, 905D Smokin' Hot Pink and 904B Rose-bud
These are just a few of the samples that were being given away at some stalls.
I also collected a number of flyers and brochures but didn't include in this photo. =)
So that was my haul! Whew! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did, writing it. Please let me know in the comments below which ones you'd like for me to review. Stay beautiful everyone! 

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