Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lovely Christian Wedding

I've already been to a number of weddings and every time I am in one, I can't help not to cry and be touched by all of the people's love filling the air. It doesn't matter what type of venue it be, as soon as I hear people expressing their sincerest love and being carefree, I immediately feel so ecstatic and emotional too.

Ate Phriti - my bride last May 26. (She is also my boyfriend's cousin.) We did a trial hair and makeup weeks before the actual wedding so we've already discussed what look she wanted. She requested for a natural-looking makeup and a neat updo. I don't know why but I forgot to take a photo of the hairstyle. *hush

Mother of the Groom. Hair and Makeup by Aila Apolo. Fresh makeup is very youthful and is always a winner, I believe. =)
Mother of the Bride. Hair and Makeup by Aila Apolo. I opted to stick with neutral colors that would make the skin look lovelier and more youthful. 
This is Katrina, Jay's nephew. Isn't she pretty? I also did her hair and makeup. =)

Yay! GIRL POWER! =) Me, Katrina, Ate Joan and Mama Del... 

Photo by Jay Rolusta. =)

This was just one of those moments that you could actually feel how happy, joyful and loving everyone was in the wedding. I especially loved the part wherein they exchanged their vows. Aww... Gosh! Everyone started to be more emotional. The Christian Pastor who officiated the wedding ceremony was great at explaining to everyone how important it is to value the sacrament of marriage.

Weee... Lovely shot! This was during the "Prosperity Dance" where in the couple would do their actual first dance and the guests would come to pin on them, prayer cards and/or money. Photo by Jay Rolusta. =)

I almost forgot to ask to take a picture with the couple. Thank you Jay for reminding me. Hehe! This was after the reception. Bride's makeup was still fresh even after the event. I also did grooming for Kuya Fred (groom).

Love. Love. Love. =) 
The newlyweds, Kuya Fred and Ate Phriti + Me and Jay.

Have you been to a wedding recently? Do you, like me, also get emotional? =)

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