Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Makeup Workshop for Stage Performers at DLSU-D

I recently facilitated DLSU-D Chorale's Makeup Workshop attended by their trainees and members.
Every 1st semester of the school year, the Performing Arts Group recruit trainees to be part of each of the organizations. I was an active member and officer of the DLSU-D Chorale. I learned lots of amazing things because we were given the opportunity to take up free workshops for different topics. After I graduated, I started teaching Makeup for the past 3 batches of new trainees.
My students doing their own hair after the talk. ;)

Read more to see other photos of the workshop...

 I prepared a slide presentation of what we were covering that day. I sure did enjoy doing my research and compiling everything.
 Before and After grooming the brows.
One of the things I emphasized on teaching them is the importance of properly groomed brows. As performers, or even not, groomed brows provides a transformation to someone's face. It frames the face and gives it a more brightened up look.
 My fellow alumni Janine was my model that day. =)
I also pointed out to everyone how important it is to always start with a squeaky clean face before makeup and cleaning it up after. Photo on the right shows night and day makeup. 
 Night makeup transformation.
Due to intense stage lighting, it is very important to add more emphasis on certain facial features to complete the over-all image of the performer. :)
Outfit post here.
Me doing a demonstration on how to use color correcting and highlighting concealers. That's my batch mate, Gelo. I also demonstrated how to do men's grooming. :) 
 Teaching everyone the magic of highlighting and contouring was a hit! Everyone listened and enjoyed the lessons and demonstration. =)
Yay! Group shot. ♥ ♥ New trainees of DLSU-D Chorale. The senior members didn't join the group shots. It was relatively a  large class. Hehe! 
I got lots of texts and tweets that night telling me how much they enjoyed the workshop and that they learned lots of things. It was definitely fun teaching this new breed of talents.
They even asked for a Part 2. hehe! 
I'm now considering doing personal makeup workshops that is open for everyone. Would anyone be interested to join? Let me know 'coz I might just organize one very soon. =)


  1. OMG!!! sana talaga nakasama ako.. gusto ko din umattend kahit simple workshop mo Ms. Aila.. ;))

    1. hehehe..i'm thinking of organizing a personal makeup workshop very soon. madami rin kasi nagrerequest. hope to see you there in the future. :)

    2. Wow! Please invite me when you have na Ms. Aila :)

    3. Aww...I'll keep everyone posted! Thanks for the interest Gen-zel! =)


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