Thursday, August 30, 2012

Online Shopping Experience plus Beauty Haul

And yet again another beauty haul.
But this is not just another beauty haul 'coz I'm sharing a not-so-good experience from online shopping.
This is the first-time I tried doing a pre-order for an imported product.
This is also the first-time I received a wrong product. ='(

Read more to know what's inside these bags and learn from my experience...

During the last week of June, I spotted an online shop doing a pre-order for authentic imported US products. I spotted the Tresemme Heat Protectant spray and I immediately ordered it. Knowing that this product has been raved by almost every beauty guru on Youtube, I knew I had to give it a try. Besides, I've been wanting to try and use something for myself and my clients' hair to protect from all the damage. It was supposed to arrive after a month... I believe I received it after 6 weeks, due to some delays. It was acceptable and also forgivable since delivery glitches really happen and it's usually out of the the shipper's control. I also told myself that this is not a necessity per se. I just wanted to try the product and waiting was not a problem. I received the product with a Wet 'n Wild nail polish freebie. That was plus!
I also thought I was going to be notified before my order would shipped to me. I messaged the seller since I wanted to include additional on-hand products to my order. The parcel was shipped already.
And since my pre-order was shipped already, I opted to just pay for another set's shipping fee. It still was okay with me. Every time I do online shopping, I make sure to read and watch reviews about the product I want to buy. I check and re-check and check once more if a product is worth buying. Since what I want is to use these to build my growing Pro Makeup Kit. My main purpose it to buy things for my clients.

And so I ordered the ff:
Revlon Colorstay Combi/Oily in Golden Beige
Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige

Wet 'n Wild Megalength Mascara in Black
Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy

What I received:
Revlon Colorstay Combi/Oily in Natural Beige (which I already own)
Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige
Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara in Black
Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy

That's 2 out of 4 incorrect products. ='(
Shipping of my 2nd order was fast and everything was in good condition, except the products weren't completely what I ordered.
I purchased both Revlon foundations in the shade Golden Beige since I've watched from reviews that it's yellow-toned and fits an NC40. I purchased it for the purpose of using it to custom-mix with my Encara BB Cream which is somewhere in the lighter shade so it'd fit my morena clients even better.

I chose to purchase the Wet 'n Wild Megalength Mascara, (for my mom since she told me she needed a new mascara,) not just because it's more affordable than the Revlon one, but because the reviews were amazing. The Revlon mascara was more pricey but the there were more rants than raves.

I did contact the seller again and inform her of my disappointments. It was sad to have been told to just send everything back "para wala na lang sisihan!" (so no one would be blamed!)  ='(
I was definitely insulted.

That was probably another misunderstanding because as I was shocked to read that reply. She told me that she was referring to their helper who mistakenly placed the wrong foundation shade.
Then again, she initiatively picked the Revlon mascara out and shipped it to me since the WnW one was out of stock, as she already sent it to another buyer. I learned about this coz she messaged me the following day after I've made my payment, (I paid the moment I received my invoice.) but she did ship it out already. So I was shocked. I appreciate her effort about picking a more pricey mascara and told me that I didn't have to bother add the addt'l cost. But even so, higher price don't necessarily mean better product quality. AND, it wasn't my order.

Because this was my first time to experience bad service from an online shop, I didn't want to let it slip so I made sure to advise her of customer service manners. (I once worked as a Customer Service Rep and my current job is all about giving excellent service). 
I never wanted to sound preachy but I just wanted to let her know my feelings and so this be a learning experience for us both, moving forward.
And since I didn't want anymore hassle, I told her that I was just keeping the products. And I told her that I still intend to purchase the Colorstay liquid in Golden Beige because that's what I need. She told me 2 weeks ago that it was already reserved and she'd advise me if it will be available again. I did ffup a few more times but I no longer received any reply.
I didn't want something like this to happen. Who would, right? I even told her after I paid my 2nd order that I was excited to feature her shop here in my blog so my readers would learn about the good stuff she sells. It would have only been probably a chance of bad luck with what happened on me. It would've probably been a first on her shop's history too, so I just didn't want to mention it here. I wrote this post so we all learn from this experience.
If you are someone who has not experienced online shopping because of the risks, this story might scare you even more. But if you're someone who's a certified online shopper or you're someone who intends to try it, this is something to note. Some people may be easily intimidated by things like, receiving wrong orders, experiencing bad service or other mistakes that happen in shopping. 

What I learned from this is that, it pays to always be courteous, alert, brief and straight-to-the-point without being disrespectful. =')
I have this attitude of selectively forgetting about bad experiences and so I didn't want to  remind myself that I had ordered the stuff above. I've not touched them since I opened the bags. Haha! But since I wanted to brave myself 'coz I keep seeing these photos in my files (I took photos 'coz this was supposed to be an unwrapping post), I think I'm starting to use them soon. I'm now looking on the brighter side of things. I'm definitely doing reviews for these products in the near future. =)

Do you love online shopping like I do? Have you ever had bad customer experience? What would you have done if this happened to you? Let me know in the comments below so we all learn from them...


  1. oh my! i had similar experience but ended up not ordering, sa question and answer portion pa lang, disrespectful na. I just asked if how much shipping three times and did not answer. i also asked if I will be given 3days to pay after order (since most online shops offer that), sabi unahan daw. What irked me the most is ALL CAPS reply nya palagi. I asked her to refrain from replying like that cause it meant you were shouting (in techie terms). Ang sabi nya, sa lahat daw ng customers nila ako lang daw may ayaw ng caps lock and she doesn't care daw. The shop can be found on facebook and starts w/ a C. I think they also participate in bazaars. They offer goods just like what you've ordered that's why I suddenly remembered the unfortunate event. :(

    1. I think I know the store that you're referring to. This is another store, though. Tsk. This is why I appreciate other stores that have amazing customer service. Kahit pa mas mahal ng onti ung prices basta walang masamang experience. Tsk. Well, this really is a learning experience rin. You'll mostly never know when you'll encounter sellers like this eh. Kaya onting careful pa...

  2. Sis, could you possibly message me the link of the shop? I've been wanting to get my hands on that Tresemme Heat Protectant spray...

    1. the spray smells good...well,for me,at least. hehe! FB friend mo rin ung seller.. :D

  3. That was bad. I guess I'm lucky that I have not experience anything like that yet ever since I started online shopping. Yeah, just look at the bright side so you won't get stressed out because of this :)

    1. True, sis! Hehe! I was sooo excited pa naman to receive all these kasi they all got great reviews. Guess I just need to learn from this and move on. :)

  4. i had the same experience too .. i bought 12 lipsticks but i only received 10 :( .. mali.mali pa yung shades na binigay, out of stock daw kasi yung pinili ko shades .. unresponsible sellers :(

    1. naku that's just so wrong. i don't understand how they do that... i mean... fooling other people.. so bad..

  5. yay!! anu ba yan.. naghintay ka na nga matagal mali pa ung order na binigay... Buti ndi pa ko naka experience ng ganyan sis.. maliban lang sa pagkatapos ko mag order wala ng update ung seller kung kailn mashiship ung items.. and ung 2nd sa dress naman mali ung color(natawa nga ko kasi alam kung ako ung mas tama ako pero hinayaan ko na kasi ang sagot ibalik ko nalang pero sagot ko pa ung shipping balikan hahhaa).. i never tried ung pre order nakakainip mghintay ng matagal eh hehehe..
    anyway i love your blog sis im a stalker reader lol..ahhaha.. i love the before and after picture..=)

    1. Naku true. First time ko rin yung pre-order. Pero mejo acceptable pa na maghintay kasi nga pre-order...pero yung mali na nga ung natanggap ko, parang ako pa rin may kasalanan, un yung mas funny! hahaha!
      Naku thank you sis! I super appreciate everyone who reads my blog. =)
      Keep posting comments para we can talk more. :) I'll be posting more makeover posts this week, so watch out for that!


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