Saturday, August 11, 2012

Radiant Bride - Melissa

I apologize for being MIA the past week. I've been really busy with work. And also, the past days filled with heavy rainfall and flooding was quite devastating. Though my area wasn't affected, thank heavens, I've still been really worried by the ones who were victims of the calamity. That's besides the fact that we had a terrible internet connection the whole time it was raining hard. Let's just all hope, pray hard and extend help as much as we can, to those who are now in most need.
Today is a brighter day. And so I wanted to share with you another bridal makeover that I was again privileged to do.
Preps at Royale Tagaytay at 4am last Saturday =)
We had to come there the night before since they were having a morning wedding at Caleruega.

Read more and see closeups of her hair and makeup and some wedding photos...

Eye makeup for the bride was more on the neutrals with light shimmers at the inner corners of her eyes and her brow bones to brighten them up even more. I added some natural-looking lashes that would make her eyes even more beautiful on photos.
Coral flushed cheeks and some light coral-pink lips to finish up the look.
I also did her hair... =)

Beautiful and radiant bride ready for her wedding. ;)
Makeup by Aila Apolo

Yay! Photo with the beautiful bride! =)
This was after the ceremony. I rushed down from choir loft (I was also part of the wedding choir, together with some of my friends and fellow DLSU-D Chorale batchmates) and took chance to take a photo with the bride. Hihi!
Shoutout to Glaiza (groom's sister and Chorale batchmate) for recommending me.

Grabbed these from the photos tagged on Ate Mel's FB... 
Photos by Realyn Asuncion

Ate Melissa and Kuya Jeprie ♥

Bride's feedback... ♥♥♥
And I've already said it before and I'd say it again...knowing that I made someone happy through makeup is such a priceless reward for me as a makeup artist.
Making someone feel special is definitely an icing on this uber wonderful blessing.
Moments like these remind me how blessed I am of being passionate with something, more so being able to share it with others.
Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful bridal makeover. See you on my next post... ;)


  1. wow you did a wonderful job. Love the make-up and the hair! :)


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