Friday, August 3, 2012

Tammy's Pre-Debut Shoot Part 2

Have you seen my Hello Kitty themed Pre-Debut shoot that I posted a few weeks back? Well if you haven't, you can CLICK HERE. :)
Last Saturday, we did part 2 of the shoot as Tammy told me the first set didn't come out so well (photog's fault. sad.). I'm not sure what happened, I haven't seen photo outputs from that except those that I took myself.
I pretty much did the same makeup or continuity... We did the hair differently though.
I did big loose curls on her. She said she liked it better this time. The last set was kind of girly and young. This time it looks a little matured and feminine. :)

 See more behind the scene photos from our shoot...

Sorry my photos are mostly overexposed..hehe! Hope you still liked them, though!

Our photographer that day was her Aunt Joy's high school friend Dom Sebastian. Let me also share the 2 photos he posted.. ;) 

 Tomorrow is Tammy's debut and I'll also be doing her hair and makeup, as well as her mom's. We all can't wait for her party that'll surely be another Hello Kitty Overload. Hehe!
We already got plans for her look tomorrow. And I'm surely sharing them with you guys again.
Hope you all enjoyed this quick makeover post. See you all in next time! 


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