Sunday, August 12, 2012

Glam Debutante - Tammy

Last Saturday, after coming from Caleruega and Tagaytay for a wedding gig (blog entry here), I rushed through the pouring rain and went to Muntinlupa for a debut. Talk about major road trip! Haha!
If you have been reading my blog, I've shared with you in previous posts the Hello Kitty Overload Pre-debut shoot that I did with my beautiful debutante, Tammy. If you haven't seen that, click here and here. ;)
Well, the day has finally come and now I'm sharing with you my debutante's transformation into a young beautiful lady ready to conquer the world.
 To achieve that more appealing look, instead of going for neutrals, I opted to give Tammy purple smokey eyes. It sure did emphasize her naturally beautiful eyes.
Subtle glowing pink blush for the cheeks and nude pink lips to complete the Barbie-esque inspired makeup.

Read more to check out Tammy's beautiful photos and her mom's makeup too...

  Beautiful Tammy after the makeup ♥
 My setup for that day. First time to use my new trolley for this double-event day. Can you spot products you know or own? :)
 Oh and yes I did her mom's hair and makeup as well. Beautiful skin. ♥
She requested for a natural look and so I gave her just that. Fresh looking and natural makeup for a youthful glow. =)
 Grabbed these photos from Tammy's FB...
Photos by Dom Sebastian

It was raining the whole time. But the rain didn't stop us all to celebrate this very special day. The party was jam-packed with people who care for and who love Tammy dearly. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday.
And yes! It was definitely a Hello Kitty Overload party! Hehe!
Seeing the debutante happy is more than enough for me to know that I did a good job in making her look and feel beautiful that night. =)

Did you like this look on her? What makeup did you have for your 18th?

Hope you all enjoyed this post. See you on my next one! ;)


  1. Galing mo tala Aila! The best!

  2. Ohgosh! I have a very similar stash to yours minus that lovely makeup trolley. Gaaah! I'm still saving up for a legitimate makeup traincase. LOL.

    1. Hihihi...Naku sis. onting ipon nlng yan! hehe! I got mine from Suesh. =)

  3. ganda te aila! anong ginamit mong foundation/concealer/ dito :)

    1. I used a lot of products eh..hehe! EnCara BB Cream, Revlon Colorstay, MAC studio fix+foundation powder, Fanny Serrano, and also a few color correcting concealers from my 20color palette. :) hehe!

  4. Those are very nice hair and make up. You all look so pretty. You are beautiful.


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