Wednesday, September 19, 2012

6 Years of Love and Food Trippings

September 16, 2011  
We agreed to write each other a letter as a gift for our 5th anniversary celebration last year.
"A year ago, we celebrated our 5th. It's been a whirlwind of everything... I've had a lot of the best times of my life with you. We've survived and breezed through vicious storms the past 6 years. And now, as we face and start our 7th year together, I promise to continue to love you and keep making a beautiful future together for us. I love you."

I know my blog is mostly about makeup and stuff, but hey, I titled it Makeup and My World so I could kick in a few tid bits and pieces of my life that I want to share. Hehe! =))

Last Sunday, Jay and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary as a couple. We've been planning for days on how to do it and where to go. We we're hoping for an out of town trip but since we don't have the luxury of time to travel for long hours, we decided to head on to Tagaytay. (As it is just 40mins away from where I live)

Bus ride to Tagaytay. Aww I miss bus rides with Jay. I always enjoy 'em, especially long rides! I miss goin' out of town with le boyfriend. =)
And because I want to incorporate some makeup details on this post... =))
Here's a list of some products used: Encara BB Cream, L'oreal Truematch in N7, FS 2-way powder in Organza and Rajah, AVON Ultra Lux Brow Definer, Etude House Color my Brows in No.2, NYX Jumbo Pencil in  Frenh Fries, Tropez Duo Eyeshadow in Golden Glow, Elizabeth Arden and MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara, MAC Lipstick in Pink Nouveau + KleanColor in Catch Me on my nails (NOTD post here)

We went to Leslie's Tagaytay for our 6th Anniversary Dinner Celebration 
And because we love food tripping...let me just share with you these photos from that night. :)
Jay and I love the Filipino style of always eating with chili-calamansi-soysauce.  ;)
Our sumptuous meal. Lemonade for me and Fresh ripe mango shake for Jay. Bulalo soup as appetizer. ;) Steamed rice for Jay and Garlic rice for me.
Pork Sisig. Chicken Barbecue. Chopsuey with Seafoods. 
We didn't finish all these but they were all super yummy! I recommend you try the Chopsuey with seafoods...Just seeing the photo makes me crave for it more. haha! We just brought home most of the food we ordered. =))

Meiji Hello Panda choco-filled cookie bites as dessert. Hehe! I bought this before the trip. :D
current fave pair. black and gold ribbon earrings from Divi. ;)
chance ko na 'to talaga magpose eh! hehe!
Magnum Almond 
Razon's BestSeller! Halo-Halo and a hearty hamburger. ;)

Have you tried any of the food we had? What kind of makeup do you wear on trips like this? Let me know in the comments below! =)
Thank you all for reading! Hope to see you on my next post!


  1. Aila, nagutom ako. This post made me crave for Razon's halo-halo!

    Ang cute nung letter thingy. Sweet lang. :)

    1. Haha! Ako rin sis..parang biglang kumalam sikmura ko dito sa mga photos ko. Haha! =))

    2. BTW, happy anniversary sa inyo sis. You look so good together. :)

  2. Happy anniversary!!!:)
    I love PInk Nouveau on you! Super well suited to your skin tone :)
    Also, more happy years to come for you and loviedovie!!<3

    The Misty Mom

    1. Pink Nouveau's getting to be my go-to lipstick nowadays. hehe! thanks sis! <3

  3. Wow.. 6 Blissful years together. Congratulations! Keep the fire burning! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Weee! Thanks ate Pearl! Will tell Jay too! =) mwaah!

  5. Super happy ako kapag nakakakita ng couples who have been together for many years. You know what Ms.Aila, nafefeel ko na, wedding na ang tuloy nyan soon! Ikaw na susunod sa brother mo! hihihih :D Congrats to you and to oyur boyfriend! Wishing you all the best! looking great! - Pretty Thrifty

    1. Aww... You are so sweet Jenny! =) Thank you so much!!!

  6. Wow, time flies so fast sweetheart! Regards to Jay and congratulations!
    I love Tagaytay and Mac's Pink Nouveau plus chilimansi. haha. Thanks for sharing the love! :)

    1. Hihihi! Who would've know nu ate? Natatawa pa rin kami ni Jay looking back at how we started. :D Thanksss.. Will tell him you said hi! =) Miss you ate Cy! :*

  7. love this post BFF!! i knew it! that lipstick was made just for you haha! love the food!!! and you look so beautiful as always. love love love!!! <3


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