Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mother-of-the-Groom Makeover for Mom

My brother finally tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart. Last weekend, my mom finally got the chance to walk the isle for her son's wedding. She's attended atleast 50 weddings as a godmother, I believe. (Bongga talaga ni Inay, in demand!) So this one is indeed very special for her! Of course, I would not let the chance pass and I assigned my self to do her hair and makeup. :)

 Read on as I share how I did mom's makeover... 

 My lovely mom's name is Whelma. =)

As time went by, and as she pursues her 24/7 job as a mom to 8 kids, she has started having droopy eyelids. To counteract droopy lids, it is very important to line the lash line as thick and as natural as possible, making sure to finish the line a little before the corner ends to avoid illusion of a more droopy eyes. The liner should be little thicker at that part. In applying eye shadow, I applied a matte brown shade from her lash line and lids to and extended it up a little above her crease. This makes the droopy part recede. Then, I applied an shimmer ivory eyeshadow at the inner thirds of her lid to open it up. I curled her lashes, applied tons of mascara and cut a single false lash into two and I attached it on the outer part of her lash line. I also applied a shimmer highlight on her brow bone to lift them up. I lined her (tattooed) lower lash line with a light brown eyeshadow powder. I carefully defined her (tattooed) brows with a lighter shade to make the look appear brighter and younger. 

Finished it up with basic contouring and highlight, flushed pink blush applied above the apples of her cheeks and a light and bright pink lipstick. I used MAC Pink Nouveau on her. 

And as for mom's hair, I did blow dry and flat ironed it. Teased the back crown part to add a little volume and lift. Parted her bangs to a side, framing her face.
 Mom and her bellissima bestfriend, Tita Cita.

The Groom and Mom ♥ ♥  
Yay!!! Lovely family photo. =')
I know we all wish Dad was still here with us and celebrate this wondrous event, but we know wherever he may be, he is happy for Kuya Rere. 

Mom as she enters the reception area.
Oh and like mother, like daughter... mom designed her own gown! ;)

Credits to Kuya Do for the last 3 photos. =)

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Next up is my sister's makeover as a bridesmaid.


  1. You're mom looks so fab and pretty sis! My mom will attend a wedding next month and she asked me to do her makeup. She has drooping eyelids to. This post is really helpful. I will try to do what you did to your mom's eye makeup. Thanks Aila! :)


    1. Yay!!! I'm so happy this post was super helpful to you! =) Practice mo lang sis... You do good makeup rin, I saw your works! Thank you so much! Goodluck! =)

    2. Hehe! No worries sis! Don't forget to take a photo of your mom rin ha and share it! =) Goodluck! <3

  2. I really like what you did for your mom's make up! My mom is also a single mom since my dad died in 2009, and she also has 8 children like your mom! I am the eldest. :) She often asks me to do her make up as well but I get nervous because I might give her racoon eyes... haha I guess it takes a lot of practice. :) BTW po I added a link to you blog on my side bar (My blog list), i hope its ok? so that my readers can see your blog too. :)

    Dainty MD

    1. Aww...same pala tayo sis. my father passed a few months back lang but we're all coping. We pray na he remains to guide us wherever we are. :)
      Practice lang sis! hehehe! To make liners last, use a waterproof eye pencil and set it with powder. :)
      And thank you for sharing my blog! God bless you sis! <3


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