Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unwrapping: Polish Galore + NYX

Yay!!! Can't wait to share with you all what I got from the mail the other day. =))

Again, I let myself sink into the realms of online shopping and here I am getting a few new things. Hehe! And yes, I still am very excited about all the things that I got. 

Read on and join me as I open this lovely package of tiny but amazing things...hehe!

 This is my 2nd time to purchase at The Makeup Haul. The first time happened last July where they were having a huge clearance sale and I hoarded lots of NYX liners for only 65/each. =)

Those liners have been into much good use. They make amazing base for lipsticks making 'em last longer. Read that in this post.
What's different about this purchase is that I bought it from their Multiply site and so shipping was free. <3 nbsp="nbsp">
I placed my order Monday night and received the package Wednesday morning. Kudos to great and fast service.
 My new little babies are wrapped well in 2 plastic bags and a bubble wrap.

Yay! I loved my first ever KleanColor nail lacquer in Neon Pink. It lasted for days without chipping and so I was urged to purchase more. Even when these polishes are double the price of the usual nail polishes I own...hehe! These are good quality ones, in my opinion. :) Oh and I'm finally trying a NYX polish...

I got the following:
KleanColor Nail Hardener - PhP 85

KleanColor Pastel Teal - PhP 85
KleanColor Catch Me - PhP 85
NYX Girls Nail Polis in NGP 116 Royal Purple - PhP 65
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - PhP 160

I'm honestly mostly excited about my new NYX JEP in Milk. I've seen it as a staple in every Youtube vlogger I know and watch. And so it has always been in my wish list and I finally have it. I own 2 shades French Fries and Dark Brown and both are lovely. I use both as eyeshadow base and they work amazingly. Yay!!! Can't wait to try this. :)
 Lovely nail lacquers which I can't wait to try and use! I don't know why but I'm really lovin' teals at the moment. =)
 And yes I love anything glossy, shiny and glittery thus this Royal Purple shade. Hihi! =)
Woot! Beautiful colors. 

Thank you all for reading! See you all on my next post! =)


  1. these are really pretty, especially the mint green shade!

    1. Aww...thank you sis! HEhe! I'll be posting a NOTD post today. Please check it out. Thanks! =)


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