Thursday, September 13, 2012

How I Groomed "The Groom"

Hey everyone! =)

I'm so happy to be blogging for the third day in a row! Feeling super masipag to share with you tidbits about my Kuya's wedding. :)

I've blogged about MOM's makeover, and that of my Ate Myra as the bridesmaid the past days.

Now, I will not only show you what my Kuya looked like, I'll tell you how I did it and show you the products I used so stay with me and read on.

Do you not notice a huge difference? Well, that's actually the point. ;)
What we want to achieve is a natural, flawless look using just the basic things so that we could avoid having an oil-slick face. This is especially important during weddings because thousands of photos will be taken even that of the groom.

 Male grooming is very important especially on a wedding. Most grooms refuse to be groomed just because they think that it is not manly to put make on themselves. Well, I do understand them because I believe their fear came from their male friends' experience of having "too much" makeup, looking as if they're grabbing the bride's spotlight. hehe!
You will only need a few things...

 These are some of the things I used on my Kuya Rere when I groomed him during his wedding.

For the FACE:
Celeteque Hydration moisturizer
Black Radiance Color Perfect Oil-Free Liquid Makeup in Rum Spice
Brown Corrector from my 21-pc concealer palette
Fanny Serrano 2-way powder in Rajah and Chino

Prepped his face with moisturizer and applied a small amount of custom-mixed foundation using my Black Radiance Makeup and brown corrector. Achieving a foundation mix that matches the groom's skin is just about the most important thing to do. Custom-mixing the right shade may require a little more practice but when you've learned it, it becomes easy.
This leaves the skin to look naturally flawless, eliminating some skin discoloration. I used my most favorite Charm Flat Top Brush to buff it in. I then set it with a mix of Rajah and Chino to achieve an oil-free skin. I did a little contouring at the hollows of his cheeks, jaws and temples, using my In2it brow powder (yes, brow powder. hehe! Used them because they're a darker shade and they are matte.).

MaxFactor False Lash Effect waterproof mascara
Clear brow gel

To add a little definition, I applied a thin coat of black mascara onto her lashes to open up his eyes a little. I brushed his brows with a clear brow gel to tidy them up.

For the LIPS:
Burt's Bees wax lip balm

A thin coat of a clear lip balm with a tiny hint of berry color is all there is to it. 

For the HAIR
Bench/Fix Professional Matte Molding Wax

Rubbed a small amount of wax onto my palm and work it from the scalp, lathering the product to the hair and styling it to look more neat.

There! This probably took me 5minutes or less. :)

I also made sure to hand Kuya, and actually almost everyone else, a supply of oil-blotting sheet. It was terribly humid that day so we all needed a little something to remove excess oil on our faces. hehe!

Oh and I also reminded him that whenever he feels sweat on his face, just pat on his hanky and never swipe. ;)

 The Groom and our ever so lovely mother. ♥ 

Lovely couple shot during their grand entrance at the reception area. ♥ ♥ ♥

Credits to Kuya Do for the last 2 photos. :)

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post and learned a little something.
See you on my next one. ;)


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    1. naks rerecute! hehehe! thank you kuya, napadaan ka! :D

  2. =) Aila good job! nxt time dont be afraid to up a little brow make up. :) It will groom him more. :) Just a suggestion :)

    1. Was thinking about that too! Thanks sis! =)


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