Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY: Color Your Hair at Home

Hello! How's everyone? I'm back home from our family's Nueva Ecija trip for my eldest brother's wedding. :)

I'm excited to share with you photos from that special event as well as makeup makeovers I did for my family. But for today, I'd like to share with you how I colored my hair. Did this as part of prepping up for our big family event. Hehe! Yes, I do color my own hair here at home. Always.
I've always had the problem of growing white grey hair. By always, I mean I've had it ever since I was in 2nd grade (elementary, 7 or 8 yrs. old). It's in the genes. I remember having my first ever hair color experience when I was in 3rd grade. Haha! We owned a salon back then so these things were always at hand. I've tried everything from those color squeeze tubes you buy from HBC/Hortaleza, huge tubs and bottles from salon suppliers, accessible ones from malls and beauty sections, henna, and even hair blackening shampoos that cost PhP10/each which you can buy at drugstores.

Stay with me as I share how I transform my not so lovely looking old man's hair to a more pleasant and feminine locks... hehe!

Early this year, I picked up these 2 boxes of Revlon ColorSilk from Watsons.
They retail at PhP395/box. But at that time, they came with free nail enamel lacquers for free. Plus, they were on sale for 10% OFF. So that was already an amazing deal! But!!! haha!! Watsons was having an additional 10% OFF for purchases at least 2,000 I think so I only paid PhP321/box. =) Super amazing deal, especially considering it came with a free nail polish which costs probably 200each. :p
I got the shades 54 Light Golden Brown and 11 Light Black. :)
The 2 colors I got are 933 Emerald City and 270 Cherries in the Snow.
Each box contains a screw cap bottle of Ammonia-Free Colorant, a white bottle with nozzle containing half full of Cream Color Developer, a sachet of after-color conditioner, a manual plus a pair of plastic gloves.
Since my hair is very thick, from experience, a single hair color box is not enough for me. So I mixed the two colors together in a plastic bowl. It turns brown at pasty after initial mixing, then darkens after a few more minutes.
This is the terrible state of my hair full of grey strands.
I parted in the middle because that's where I prefer to initially apply the product.
I am doing a root-dye process to cover the grey hair. This means coloring starts from roots down to the ends. What I do is I use a color brush to apply the product to my hair nearest the roots but avoiding the scalp, spreading it towards half of the length. I do this in sections, portion depends on how thin or thick is your hair strand. Make sure to cover every strand with the product. 
I do the same procedure to the sides of my hair, making sure to cover every grey hair and spreading the product evenly.
 This is how it looks when you've covered the top and crown area. See the little gaps of each section? That's how I part my hair to apply and spread the cream mixture.

 After applying to every root part, apply the remaining products to the rest of the hair.

I grab a section of hair and place it on my palm and then I apply and spread the product to the tips of the hair.
Finishing the procedure took me about an hour since I do have a pretty thick hair.
You might notice I look dirty, hahaha! I filled a few products on myself and even on my shirt. But they got easily removed with soap so no worries. ;)

 From the instructions, you are guided till how many minutes you need to leave the product on to your hair. For my case since I do have quite stubborn grey hair, I needed a max of 45 mins to leave the product on before rinsing. So the moment I finished all of my hair, my scalp was kind of a bit scratchy, itchy and sensitive. I waited for about 5minutes and then I rinsed my hair thoroughly and applied the conditioner and rinsed again.
 The result? Grey-free locks!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

 Since I mixed a Light Golden Brown and Light Black shade, it does not appear too black or too brown. The hints of brown on my hair is especially visible and obvious when hit with light. =)

Lovin' my new hair color!
Do you like it? Have you tried coloring your own hair?
Oh I did this the same night I had my hair cut last week. BLOGGED HERE. Check it out. :)

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post!


  1. Wow! We almost have the same post for today. :)

    1. Awww...I'll check yours! hehe! Ambilis mo...di ko pa sure na napublish ko na, naka-comment ka na agad! hahah! Thanks sis! <3

    2. Haha kanina pako nag-aabang ng new posts e. :)

    3. Hehehehe! Cute! Nakita ko na ung sayo! Ganun gusto qng kulay eversince! Kaso matagal pa ata eeffect saken ung ganun. Kasi nag-hair color shampoo aq before...pag ganun kasi ginamit, hindi na tinatalaban ng kahit anung ibang kulay. kaya antagal q rin nagpatubo ng hair para sulit pag kinulayan na ulit. hehe!

    4. Oo nga. Kailangan pang i-bleach. Puro tayo gray hair haha!

    5. Nako true! Tapos pag ganun ang hirap na imaintain kasi magssuper dry na. hahaha!

  2. I've tried coloring my hair at home. Uhmmm.. It didn't work so well. >.<
    Sobrang uneven yung distribution ng color, and I was sporting Light Golden Brown. Hahahaha! Went to a salon after a few weeks to "correct" it. :))

    Following you now! More posts about hair care please! <3

    1. Hahaha! I've had similar experiences rin before. I think if you do it often, nappractice rin lalo. :D
      Nkakatawa ung meron rin aq dati, red lang ung crowns ko. Funny!
      Thanks sis for dropping by! I do follow yours rin. Hehe! =)

  3. I'm addicted reading your blogpost binasa ko to kanina 4am kaya binalikan kong basahin now kasi nakatulugan ko :).

    1. are super sweet! =) Hehehe! Thank you soooo much!!! <3

  4. I also have gray since grade 2! :O Must try this, thanks. :)


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