Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rockin a Shorter Hair

Breather from my uber big long hair.
Finally went out to get a cut. Though I've only had a haircut 2 months ago. It's grown so fast that I feel like it wen out of control. My hair got super dry. I'm almost always too lazy to brush it. Haha! I just always put it up in a high bun.

 Do you think short hair fits me? ♥ ♥ ♥

 Before the haircut.
Super dry and no form.  >.<

Just plain big hair. haha!
 Lovely shampoo wash. Yay! Thanks kay kuya na nagshampoo saken. Fresh! =)

 And our favorite Hairdresser... Marissa of David's Salon at SM Dasmarinas..

See my mom at the other side? Hihi! She also got a new haircut! Yay!
We're all actually prepping for my Kuya's wedding on Saturday. We'll be leaving tomorrow morning for Nueva Ecija. :)

 Yay. Finer cut. Still long at the back. I'm thinking about coming back to get it short all the way. haha! What do you guys think?


Thanks for reading this quick post! See you on my next one...

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  1. nice hair sis!:) either way long or short, you still look pretty!

  2. You still look good sis! :)


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