Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Loveliest Bridesmaid Myra

 This seems sort of a series about my Kuya's wedding. Hehe! But I hope you all are enjoying tidbits of the things I did, especially the makeovers. Check mom's makeover HERE.
Today, I'm sharing with you my sister's makeover.

 Simple, light and fresh with romantic curly hair for my ate! 

 She has beautiful skin so doing makeup on her was easy breezy. She's actually the one who teaches and reminds me about doing a good skincare regimen. Hehe!
I mixed a few different foundations to match her skin plus of course, her much loved Encara BB Cream. (Trivia: She's the one we should all thank for bringing the lovely product here in the Philippines!)
 I wanted to keep her makeup look simple so browns and ivory shimmers were applied on her eyes. I filled in her brows to frame her beautiful face. I finished it off with peachy pink blush and peachy pink lipstick.
Oh and she specifically requested for full false lashes so I willingly agreed, though she already has amazing natural lashes. Hehe!
  Ate Myra is naturally curly...gorgeous curls that everybody envies! haha! But what she asked me to do was flat iron her hair to tame it first and then curl it again.
I gathered her hair at tha back, teased at the crown for added volume and created a messy half updo. The flower accent was actually for their dress alone but since I noticed that there were 3 pieces to attach, I placed that one piece on to her hair and voila! haha! Isn't it pretty?! =)
Ganda oh!!! ;) Hehe!

My sister and our nephew Luis. ( Would you believe this young man is only 13? I think...)
Ate Myra got the longest stemmed flower during the bouquet throwing game at the reception thus this couple picture. hehe! Cute! The other guy is the bride's nephew as well and he was the one who got the garter.

Credits to Kuya Do for the last 3 photos.. =)

Thank you all for reading! See you on the next one..


  1. Your sister is really pretty! and she has great skin to start with. :)I love what you did to her her I eny those who have hair that can hold curls like this, mine is super stick straight. :(

    1. She really is! hehe! thanks sis! Naku, all of us here at want to her hair so badly too! It's funny coz she asked me pa to flat iron and curl it eh her hair looks that way naman kahit walan gawin. hahaha!
      Oh btw, I followed your blog. Thanks for dropping by! =)

  2. Your makeup made her absolutely stunning ah!!:)


    The Misty Mom

  3. Grabe, galing! ^^ You really do great makeup! ^^ And your nephew, hindi nga mukhang 13! XD

    1. Awww..hehe! thank you sis! =) And naku yes, he looks matured for a 13y.o kid! Heart-throb yan sa school nila! haha!


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