Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Feast!

Just before I go back to my usual makeup posts, I wanted to share what feast my family prepared for me during my birthday. =)
I never thought I'd celebrate or whatnot but my lovely mom prepared a feast, my kuya shared some funds, my Ate brought some fun, chilled scramble, Jay brought a cake and I volunteered to prepare a cheesecake for the very first time. =)
 My sister preparing melon flavored shaved ice plus some sweet and fun toppings. It felt like a kiddie party! Hihihi!
 Mom's famous baked penne. Super sumptuous! Swear!! =)
 Pork Asado and Lumpiang Shanghai. :)
Mom even cooked her special Kare-kare and spaghetti but I forgot to take a photo. hehe!
My visitors. =)) Since I didn't know I was to celebrate, I didn't think of inviting anyone to come over. Instead, mom called in my cousins, aunt and our publications's Editor-in-chief to come upstairs and share the feast with us.
 Blueberry Strawberry Cheesecake that I prepared myself. Check out more photos and the recipe I shared in my recent blog post. CHECK HERE.
Los Banos, Laguna's famous Mer-Nel's chocolate cake brought by my boyfriend Jay. =)
This is becoming a staple in all our family occasions. The best chocolate cake I've ever tasted!
This is almost a week-late post but I still wanted to share so I could send out my gratitude to my loved ones who made my birthday simply very special.
This is my first birthday without Dad but I know the Lord is keeping him now in a safe place.
Thank you Lord for the wonderful life and for giving me my family, friends and loved ones who are always supporting me with whatever I do.
Hope you all got hungry with this food diary. Hehe! See you all in my post
Oh before I forget, my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY is still ongoing. Make sure to join to have a chance to be 1 of 10 Lucky Winners of Encara BB Cream. =)


  1. I know you had a blast! Have a blessed year dear! :)

  2. Yummy! Made me hungry... which made me also think, I should be planning for my birthday next August! =)

    1. Hehe! Thanks Angel!=) Advance Happy Birthday! =)


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