Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Diary: Gorgeous Eye Shadows, Food Tripping, 5D Ride

The day after this post, Jay accompanied me to Makati to get my Macbook Pro checked up. I haven't opened it for weeks and I thought my charger was the problem. When we arrived at the Power MAC store at Greenbelt, the guy who checked my laptop and charger confirmed that the latter was really the problem. Ouch. Gastos! I didn't buy a new one yet since my Kuya JD adviced me that he'd help me buy one. Hehe! So, Jay and I just decided to stroll around the malls. =))

I've been meaning to go to Landmark for the longest time because I've read a lot of great things about the random makeup brushes they sell there and I wanted to check them out. Gaaah! I fell in love. I purchased 2 makeup brushes and a few other things but I'm showing that in my next post which is another haul. :D

For now, I'll just share with you a few photos of how the rest of my day went...

First time to spot these new babies! Have you seen these ones already? Gorgeous single eye shadows from Fanny Serrano. Highly pigmented. I couldn't resist and bought 2 shades. :)

Let me now first share a few photos of how the rest of that night went...hehe!

After tons of walking and before going back home, we decided to grab dinner. We went to El Presidente of Binondo at Glorietta. =) The food there was affordable and home-made yummy! =)

I ordered mixed veggies and lemon chicken. Jay picked sweet and sour meatballs plus fried squids. Each plate included some prawn chips.

I craved for some sweets after and we browsed around the cakes but nothing appeared to my liking. But then, we spotted this...

I've been looking for this for so long. The glass rack had plenty of dessert choices but the Silvanas won me over. I picked up 1 and chose the butter cream flavor, PhP21/pc. We shared it and decided if it was good. And it was!!
We then bought two more..haha! Butter cream and Mango ;)
I actually didn't notice the store name until Jay took a picture - House of Silvanas. Haha! That's why the taste was familiar and the Silvanas was sooo good. :) Try it if you haven't!
And as we headed towards the exit doors, we stopped  as we noticed a flock of curious people watching something on a flatscreen TV. Hey, 5D!
Jay and I have actually wanted to try SM Dasma's 4D since my family did that over a week ago. Hehe! We didn't wanna miss this chance and went in.
I asked the operator which one would he recommend and he immediately answered, "Road to Death po, ma'am!" And so we picked that one! Hahaha! The video itself was not at all believable the whole time but I still got a bit scared because strong winds were blowing on us along the ride and it was darkkk. Hahaha! =))
I am not sure if anyone's reading this random blabber but I still hope some of you find it entertaining. Hehe!
Have you tried the 5D Rider? or 4D? :)
That's all for now! I've got a few hauls and makeovers coming up.
See you all on my next post! 
 ♥ ♥ ♥

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