Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Diary: Alma Mater, Jay's New Haircut, Leg Wax, Food Tripping

 Last Wednesday, Jay came in straight from his weekly noontime radio program Sangguniang Bayan On-Air (station at Calamba, Laguna) so we could attend DLSU-D's Broadcast Journalism's Zest-O General Assembly. Jay and I have been together for almost 6 years and we met as officers of the BroadJourn Program Council back in college. I live just across the school so I often get the chance to visit but coming back to school with Jay was really very special. 
The freshmen students were warmly welcomed and fellow alumni came in to visit.
When we arrived at Mila's Diner, fellow alumni Cheryl Adame, aka Rica Hera of 101.1 YES FM was there entertaining everyone with her funny antics. She also shared how she became part of the well known radio station to get the new ones inspired. Other fellow program council members from the batch lower than mine were there.. Shout out to Alex and Karen of TV5. ;) We're all very proud of you girls!
Oh and I also met with my super close bestfriend/seatmate Mae who went with her longtime boyfriend Mark, huhu! I forgot to take a picture with her.
After the program, Jay and I decided to stroll around the campus and reminisce. Haha! The used-to-be-canteen is now a National Bookstore. Bongga!!
We also visited the post-production room/office of the MPR boys who were also very close to us back in the day. Such a fun day seeing old fellows. Brings back so much memories!
And coz Jay haven't had lunch yet, we went out to eat... Yummy student meal!
Read more to see more photos from that fun-filled day!

One of the most famous canteen-style eatery across the University is Momos. They're known for their unli-rice promo and yummy viands. Hehe!
Chicken teriyaki for me and Tonkatsu for Jay. =)
It was still early so we decided to go to SM Dasma to stroll... As usual, I went to the beauty section at Watsons and swatched a few eyeshadow palettes.
Swatches of the 4u2 Pro palettes. My first ever purchased palette years back was the Pro "Impressionist"... These are from the Contemporary and Modern (not sure) palette..
They're very pigmented but these photos are not fully giving justice to them, bad lighting! haha!
When we arrived at SM and as I told Jay I was just going to check some makeups, he pointed towards the next-door shop. I didn't realize he was really getting a haircut. Before we went to the mall, he mentioned he wanted to visit the salon and get his hair fixed. It was getting out of shape and thick. Hihi! He's a loyal Tony & Jackey client but this was a first in 6 years that I actually went with him for a haircut. Naks! Another first!
We then grabbed our favorite chilled drink ever... Quickly's Choco Loco Super. We only ordered one so we could share and cut on calories. Haha!
And FINALLY!!!..
Yay! I finally got my legs waxed. It's from my genes that I have muscular legs that grow men-like-thick hair! Waaaah! So despite the pains and all, getting my legs waxed are still heaven sent. Haha! LayBare recently opened at SM Dasma. I've been actually waiting for them to open for months already. My sisters who live in QC rave about their services. I used to go to Flawless to get them done but I wasn't always satisfied.
I only got my half-legs done. It was my first-time to experience cold wax treatment. It was extremely painful at the areas where the strands were thicker and longer. >.< I just wanted to faint and wake up thinking it was only a nightmare. Hahaha! But the lovely Airene who gave me service was regularly asking me if I were okay and if I wanted to rest. Haha! The whole process wasn't really as bad as I already felt numb through the rest of it. It took an hour to finish and my legs were lathered with an anti-bacterial soothing cream to avoid getting the open pores infected of anything. 
I should have paid PhP300 for it but since they have a promo for clients coming on their birthday month, they gave me 15% off. Yay!
After hours of walking and walking, we felt hungry and I suggested we drop by Sbarro to grab some pizza. We ordered a slice each of the All-Meat (left) and the one w/ham and pineapples plus white sauce (right). We only took a few bites. It was too big that we finished eating it till the next day for breakfast and lunch. hahaha!
Oh and Jay has his own FB page as well, go check it at Jay Rolusta (Official).
Do you lke these kinds of posts? Let me know...'coz I got another one like this. Hehe!
Thanks everyone! Catch me on my next post! =)


  1. what a fun day!!! kwento evrything!!! im so excited to hear about this!!! FB! haha

    1. Haha! Cza,this happened a month ago! I'm going back to LayBare na next week before we go back to Nueva Ecija for kuya re's wedding! hehe! And I'm getting a haircut na rin ulit...ang bigat na ng buhok ko. haha!


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