Friday, July 6, 2012

Iza Calzado Rogue July 2012 Cover Inspired Makeup

Iza Calzado

Rogue July 2012

Photographed by Mark Nicdao
Styled by LA Consing Lopez
Make-up by Juan Sarte
Hair by Celeste Tuviera
Production Design by Candy Reyes

ROGUE does it again. Their covers always go viral and controversial over the web because of their classy, glamorous female celebrities gracing the photos. There was Anne's controversial cover holding a cigarette, that of KC Conception's revealing photo holding a man's amputated head(of course it was only a mannequin of some sort, hehe!) with a huge snake wrapped on her wrist. So now, I can't help but gush over this amazing photo of the beautiful Iza Calzado. Kudos to the whole team who made this possible.

I got so inspired that the moment I saw this, I pulled my makeup box, grabbed my brushes and started doing the same thing.
I did curl my hair first and let it set. My hair is naturally big and wavy but I thought it was a great opportunity to practice using my curling iron. And like always, I got burns and bruises. Haha! As they say, no pain-no gain. :D
Read more if you wanna see the look that I did.

This is what I've come up with...
DISCLAIMER: No matter how much they deny it, magazine cover photos are post-processed so I can't exactly copy the skin tone and all. Hehe!
Juan Sarte, the Makeup Artist for this shoot, did some kind of a pin-up look on Iza. Bronzed skin, deep-set crease with browns and neutral colors plus thick winged black liner and falsies that elongate through the outer ends.

Iza Calzado have naturally deep set eyes. So to achieve the same look, I created a cut crease eye-makeup look using warm browns and a darker bluish grey shadow at the outer corners of my eyes. I used a matte light-yellow powder for the brow bones and lids for that highlight effect. The thick liner emphasizes the eye makeup. Finished it off with my Briska false lashes in No. 20. Neutral skin tone pencil for the waterline and more brown liner at the bottom lashes.

To achieve the luscious nude lips, I prepped up mine with a lip balm, dabbed my lip with a clean tissue, lined it with a nude-colored lipliner, applied nude lipstick and some gloss at the center of the lips. I used a brown liner to achieve the shadows at the corners, top and bottom part.

WEBCAM photos:
Lighting Setup: Me in our dining area - 4 warm colored pin-up lights at the four corners plus a white fluorescent lamp in front of me, plus built-in flash from my laptop. :D
Oh forgive me, I tried posing ala-Iza but I just couldn't. Haha!

 BIG HAIR for the win! Wooohoooh!
My barkada always teases me because of my super big hair, but I love it sooo much! Haha!

So that was it! Hope you like what I did on this look. Till next time! ;)
big hair and some over-exposed photos, Aila


  1. You really copied the look Ms, Aila great job.

    1. Oh wow! <3 Thank you Vergielyn! =)

  2. Replies
    1. hihi!!! Thank you dear! *kiligsss =))

  3. Pretty! You should set up a Youtube account as well so you can showcase and share your makeup skills! I'd be the first one to subscribe! Good job!

    1. Awww...Thank you! You are very sweet. I actually do have a Youtube acct but I only got song covers there. Haha! I tried doing a video but it was so hard. I'd have to find other ways to do a makeup tutorials so I can share them to you all. =)

  4. HOLY MOTHER OFFFFFFFFF... love this look!!! and once again did a GREATTTT JOB!! love the face and the hair!! so exotic!

    1. OMG! Hahahaha! Czaaaa....I know this is you! Thank you!!! Love you! Hehehe! <3

  5. You're so beautiful!!! And the big hair!!! Salute to the big hair!!!

    1. John Diamos!! 'nak! Glad you dropped by! hihi! Thank you!!! mwaaah! Proud ako sa big hair ko. Love your own. =))

  6. So neat & nice!

    A new follower here, hope you'd follow back Miss Aila! :)

    1. Thank you Yona! Welcome to my blog! =)


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