Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camille on Her First Model Shoot

Every person has their own dream. My client Camille for one has always dreamed of becoming a model. In yesterday's shoot, my college friend Dustin asked me to do Camille's hair and makeup for her first ever shoot.
I am so glad to be part of the start of this lovely lady's journey to her dreams.
Our original peg was to do some kind of a dark eye makeup look. But after learning that this was her first ever experience to be shot on a full-on photo studio and as a model, I recommended we first do a subtle and simple beauty look and she excitingly agreed. =)
I'm all for big curly and textured hair. And so was Camille... ;)

She has wonderful skin to start with. She only has some dark pigmentation around her eyes and so I needed to do some color correcting through concealing. I mixed Encara BB Cream with an orange colored concealer to neutralize the dark spots. I then reapplied the BB Cream to top it off and act as a highlight concealer.
I gave her more on pinks and maroon brown colors for her eyes, defined it with some liner and added some natural-looking falsies.
 Light pink cheeks and some light pink lips for a more fresh and girly look. =)

More BTS photos...

Look 1. Fresh natural makeup with big curly tresses.
This is her 2nd makeup look. I added more black and purple on her eyes to achieve a deeper but still subtle smokey look. I did a little more contouring on her face and slight bronzing. Nude and glossy pouts for that sophisticated look.
I lightly brushed her curled hair to achieve softer and more natural curls.
And of course, we had to pose for a quick shot! We didn't want to miss the good studio lighting. Haha! Oh by the way, this shoot was at Studio4104..the same studio we used in this post.
Camille was kind of shy at first as she said she was nervous and all but I'm so glad she did enjoy the shoot and looked and felt more confident as we went on with it.

I also helped in styling but she brought her own clothes and accessories. =)
Camille was all smiles the rest of the shoot. I'm so thrilled to see the photos come out.
I am always honored when my clients say they feel very beautiful after I glam them up. Camille exclaimed how beautiful she felt like. And she was... =)
 As I always say, I feel like my mission is to make people look and feel they're most beautiful and special. 
So that was for the most recent makeup makeover I did. I'll be posting some more soon this week and also a few hauls. PLUS, if you've not learned of it yet, make sure to join my Birthday Giveaway. JOIN HERE.
See you all in my next post! =)


  1. Where was this Studio Located ? :)

  2. you should do vlogs! you work magic! :))


    1. Aww...Thanks a lot Angel! That means a lot to me. =)


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