Saturday, July 14, 2012

NEW Makeup Trolley and Agold's Quest to White Hair

I should actually be sleeping and resting by now because I have an early morning makeup gig later but I wanted to share how special my Friday was! Hehe!

My sister Agold says she's always dreamed of having platinum white hair...and so today, she finally decided to do something about that dream. =)

I say, whatever makes you happy,go for it! So long as you don't hurt anyone, then nothing should stop you. ;)

She went to HBC at SM Dasma and picked up a 10.0 Bleaching Cream - PhP 100 and a 12% Oxidizing Lotion - PhP 30.

She asked our aunt, Ate Emily, to help her out with coloring her hair and me as her photographer. haha!

She mentioned that the sales assistant from HBC told her that she'd probably need to bleach her hair 3 times to achieve her dream of platinum hair, so for now,'d see in the next photos how it looks like. =)

BUT before that, I want to share to you all how my newest baby looks like...

YAY!!! OMG! I finally bought a makeup trolley! July 2012 is truly very memorable. This is definitely my year. Haha! Well, according to Chinese astrology... I'm a Dragon baby. ;)
Weeeee!!! This my birthday present to myself. Fruits of my labor. I cannot wait to use this when I go out on gigs, especially on weddings. Having my own trolley with mirror and lights is definitely a plus. I've had a few struggling moments when the preparation room does not have a mirror and good lighting. So this will definitely be a life-saver. Hehe!
This trolley's from SUESH.

With Lights on. I'm yet to shop for the perfect set of light bulbs. I just grabbed those from my room. Haha!
I'm so happy and thrilled about this purchase. I've been searching for months and months already to find the perfect trolley for me. I needed something portable, easy to travel with and has mirror and lights. This one being chic and all is a definite plus!
This is going to be crossed-out from my birthday wishlist. hehe!

Agold, after rinsing her hair later in the afternoon, accompanied me to pick up my new baby. Thanks duds! This is how her hair looks like now...
We stopped by Kowloon to buy Bola-bola siopao for Mom. Yay! New blonde hair for Agold and new makeup trolley for me.  ♥ ♥ ♥

 I can't wait to bring my new trolley along on to my next wedding gig. Hihi! Thanking, praying and hoping for more blessings to come. Thank you Lord! Would not have done  this without you.  ♥ 


  1. wowwwwww how much is that trolley???? :)

    1. Suesh sells this one for 11K. =) You can find it on their multiply site. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. omgeee... so jeally!
    d ko pa alam, when ako mag kakaroon nang trolley.
    I'm also a self-taught freelance mua.

    1. Weee! Thanks Hollie! =)
      Kaya mo yan! Ipon lang...hehe! Just make sure to be wise in every purchase para makaipon ka ng mga things na super necessary to build up your kit. Good luck! ;)

  3. Wow you got yourself a new trolley :) inggit much hehe. I've been looking for an affordable make up kit den eh pro not those huge train cases and trolleys hehe. You have an idea where to buy affordable make up cases? Pang starters lang ba. Thanks?

    1. You can find a dozen designs at Suesh and Legallyvain. I got my first box rin from Suesh eh. :) Pero you can also browse through and find yourself a deal that would fit your budget. :) Good luck!


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