Monday, July 9, 2012

First Time Random Winner

Hey everyone!!! Have you ever joined contests or giveaways or even raffle draws and have never won anything? Then I know how you feel! haha! I often join those kinds of raffle draws but I never ever get lucky. BUT... Today, what's truly fascinating to know is that I won something without even joining anything for a raffled prize. =))
I got home tonight tired from a photo shoot, it was also fun though. I'm surely sharing it as soon as possible. Hehe! Then, I went on to check my Facebook and I noticed I received a random message from AvonPh telling me this...

Click Read more... =)

I immediately checked if this account was legit and I wasn't sure if it's true. BUT...after further checking, someone also sent me a link to this...

Ohmy!!! It's true! I was almost jumping for joy! haha! This is amazing! If you've been following me for awhile now, you'd know that I'm definitely a fan of AVON products so this news is just purely amazing! Yay!!! I knew it! July not just being my birthday month is just really a lucky month! hehe!
I just liked Avon Philippines' Facebook page because I'm really a fan...without even expecting to be randomly receiving a prize. I feel so blessed and lucky! hehe!
And speaking of prize...I mentioned from this blogpost that I'd be doing a HUGE Birthday Giveaway. I'm so excited to announce to you all what it is. =) I my next post so be sure to check back!
Just wanted to share to you all my happiness. =)
hugs,kisses and good vibes, Aila 


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