Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Love

Just thought I'd share with you this random post of how my weekend went. =)

I always feel so happy and blessed to spend time with my loved ones.

Last Saturday, I went to a makeup gig in Calamba, Laguna with Jay. He was so sweet to go with me and help me carry my stuff! Wee! Thank you! The bride was actually his high school classmate so it was okay. If you want to read about that makeover, click here.

Then later in the day, we went to his local organization - Junior Chamber International (JCI) which was holding a Sportsfest. The venue was just in the same area. After watching the first basketball game, Jay brought me back home to Cavite. I needed to finish shipping out Encara BB Cream orders, then we decided to stroll around and then eat dinner. 

 Mang Inasal was just a street away from my courier so it was the best option to dine in. Besides, we've both been tired the whole day from all the walking and commuting. Haha! We both ordered the best-seller "Pecho" - PhP 99.00
We bought my current favorite drink, Lipton's Red Tea Iced Tea from 7-11. ;)

For some more randomness...

 Hahaha! I couldn't stop laughing at this photo! Jay and I did lots of Photoboth-ing after we went home. This I think is just cute and worth sharing. Haha! Doing all those different warp effects was hilarious. Love spending times like this. Just pure fun and happiness! =))

Then on Sunday... Mom, my sister Agold and I decided to go visit Dad at the cemetery. We miss him a lot! We spent over an hour there until it started raining. We then went to SM to stroll and buy some office and home stuff. We also dropped by Watsons and bought a few things. I'm surely gonna share too you what I got soon. ;)
We then went to Karate Kid for dinner.
My loves. Mom, Agold and I waiting for our orders to arrive. Brrrhhh... It was a long queue and the service wasn't fast. I figured it's usually like that during Sundays and pay-day weekends. Good thing we decided to buy those shakes. 

Buko Express is LOVE.

 Mom and I order Toridon (Chicken Katsu) - PhP 99.00
Mine came in super super late and a little too salty. Haha!
 Agold's pick. Tonkatsu (Pork Katsudon) - PhP 99.00
 Takoyaki Special - PhP 79.00 for 8pcs.
This one's yummy! Just enough tinge of saltiness marrying a little sweetness of the sauce. The texture of the toppings was lovely and was a great mix with the softness of the takoyaki.

Oh how I love weekends, more so spending it with the people you love the most! I think I'm fueled back up and ready for another work-week. Hehe!
So that was it! Hope you enjoyed this quick post. Till later... ;)


  1. WAHAHAH the hot with your boyf's so funnehhh!! and i love buko express too. godbless you and your beautiful fam! glad you had fun!!

    1. Hahaha! Cza is this you? We sure had fun!! Thank you for dropping by! =)


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